What Technical Skills Should I have?

We should have some general basic technical skills in order for us to survive in our professional and personal life. Here, we will see which are them.
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Have you ever wondered what technical skills should I have to survive in today’s time? Possessing technical skills is of great importance as it will directly impact our personal and professional life. There are a number of ways with which we could embellish our resume with such technical skills. The digital revolution has made technical skills very accessible.

Technical skills are also umpteen in number, and their scope and diversity are much vast. In this article, we will see the essential basic technical skills that we should possess in order to benefit our own lives and those around us.

Let’s check out what technical skills should I have?

Practical skills needed to perform specific tasks especially, mechanical, mathematical, scientific, and IT-related, could be defined as technical skills. The technical skills for each job type vary.

Word Processing Skills.

Easy to read, attractive and organised word processing software skills to create documents is of utmost demand everywhere. This includes the ability to create and edit the document using specific software. Microsoft Office and google docs are the important word processing software prevalent all our the world.

Presentation Software Skills.

You’ll need to know how to present if you need to display or explain your ideas to clients, prospects, or internal stakeholders.

What Technical Skills Should I have?

PowerPoint is the most extensively used presentation programme in the business world, and another popular alternative is Keynote. Using either programme to improve your presentation skills will impress a recruiter or hiring manager.

Spreadsheet Skills.

If you are looking for a job involving data and numbers, you’ll have to learn using spreadsheet programmes like Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Using either tool to improve your spreadsheet technical skills will allow you to quickly calculate, sort, organise, and make sense of a huge amount of data. Data analytics is becoming increasingly vital to many types of organisations, and thus this is a highly valued technological skill.

Video Conferencing Skills.

The shift to online modes of professional activities and meetings has made it important to have updated video conferencing skills for any aspiring professional. This includes the ability to present something through the video conferencing apps and being able to make use of the various extended features these apps offer. The important applications include Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc.

Social Media Management.

This is not the ability to simply use social media but the ability for content creation and digital marketing. The skillset encapsulates Blogging, digital photography, SEO, networking etc. This is particularly useful if you are to get jobs in public relations, web development and such fields.

Coding And Programming Skills.

Programmes are the language with which we could develop something innovative using a computer. The skills of which are diverse and vary depending on the industry. This is helpful from Information Technology usage to web development. The knowledge of programming languages, front end development skills and back end development skills etc., are the skill sets under the ambit of coding and programming.

Project Management Skills.

Workers no longer have to deal with papers and folders from desk to desk. Companies now use project management software all over the world to assist project managers and teams collaborate, coordinate work, assign resources, and measure time.

Workfront, Asana, Trello, etc., are some of such software if you can understand how a couple of these function, you should be able to figure out any other project management software very fast.

Emailing Skills.

This is not simply about sending and receiving emails. The work environment necessitates sending attachments, creating calendar invites, organising folders, and formatting messages. All these are includes under the broad definition of Email skills sets. Acquiring them is possible with experience, and Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are the applications concerned.

Instant Messaging Skills. 

Instant messaging applications facilitate Real-time communication. There are many of them. At least mastering the usage of popular ones, including Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Spark, or Troop Messaging, is essential.

We have discussed so far many of the basic technical skills that could help us. Acquiring them is not that difficult. Since many of them could be practised and perfected through experience.

Plenty of accessible resources are also available to solve our doubts and master the advanced usage of these skills. Which among the skills do you think is most relevant? Comment below and let us know.


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