What Can You Do With An Epic History Degree?

What Can You Do With An Epic History Degree?
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Are you also one of those who admire History and get goosebumps where you hear or see any historical incidence by our grandparents or in movies, right? Nowadays, you can notice every filmmaker is making movies on historical incidences. It is not because they are intimidated by their attire or dressing sense, but they want people to know about the History and ancient period. No doubt taking History subject in higher academic is a considerable risk, but at the same time, it is considered as most valuable courses especially in India. 

A degree in History provides you with a set of transferable skills applicable to a wide range of careers such as law, publishing, journalism, media, museums, librarianship, archeology, etc. There are numerous job openings in both the private and public sectors with good perks. Earlier only specific subjects grant you good avenues, but History is one of them in today’s scenario.


There is a myth that History is all about learning dates, years, names of every ruler who ruled the country, but the truth is History subject to more than that. If we talk about specialization in History subject, it is on peak and growing over time. Now you can see History is one the main subject of various government exams as well and not just that History belongs to everybody because no matter what our families were part of it and being in global pandemic we are creating History every passing day for the upcoming generation. 

During a history degree, a student learns a variety of periods, regions, and thematic areas. In addition, it helps every student to think critically and analytically and improve writing skills which are important for a professional career.  


Some basic skills that can help a student find a history-related job are analytical thinking, foreign language, good communication skills, problem-solving attitude, and basic components to research large aspects. Research and writing skills can highly manipulate some programs, as anyone can align a career path with reasonable efforts. Therefore, it is very important to complete a professional degree in your respective field to enlarge your knowledge.

Degrees of History

1. Associate Degree

Few degrees in History subject that help build a career are an associate degree in which a student gains analytical and writing skills by conducting independent research and presenting their papers in seminars. This degree help graduate student for job as an administrative assistant or teaching assistants. 

2. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree

A student learning Bachelor’s degree in History can pursue jobs like Museum educator or museum technician. They provide educational support at the museum by teaching visitors about the collections. By completing a master’s degree in History, students can complete advanced coursework or write a thesis based on their historical knowledge. 

3. Doctoral Degree

A student who does a Doctoral degree in History builds their career in academia. This degree includes specialized fields, comprehensive examinations, and dissertations. They also engage in community and help mentor students in building careers. 

Many courses may qualify for career advancement opportunities and increase your earning potential. Therefore, it is very important to keep your knowledge and skills upgraded as this field is growing and advancement in every step is necessary.


For that, you can join an online course, join any membership according to your interest, and try to increase your connections with people who are working in the field through social media. Before applying for a proper job, you must go for internship programs, and it will help you learn the new things that are ongoing in the field and raise your confidence.

Possible Career Paths

These are Law, Journalism, Government department, Education sector, and Business field. It is very important to know which industries and sectors are recruiting in your area of interest and skills. In the history sector, there are few platforms where you can build your career. You can go for public services. Professionals in this industry help the government operate by providing various services like work in libraries and archives to collect and preserve historical information. 

Another sector is in the scientific technology and development sector, under this there is co-relation of the ancient period into current situation it’s fieldwork. History subject is based on preserving the old collections and finding excavation, so archeology and museum mentor are two-sector where a dedicated student can apply. It is significant to preserve our culture, especially in India, where people practice thousands of cultures.

Nowadays, the government is hiring historians to preserve the architect and structure based on the ancient period. All these specializations are undergoing constant changes and growing ample amount of job openings in every sector. Choosing the right path is tough in a critical situation, so choose your area of interest, skills, and abilities, and results will start falling in the right place.


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