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Clarifying Your Personal Goals

admin September 1, 2021

Welcome to Day 2 of Ten Days to Better Leadership. Yesterday was an exercise to clarify your personal mission. Now let’s look at crafting goals that flow out of that personal mission.


Now that you’ve crafted and refined your personal mission, you can begin to create goals that will help you fulfill that mission. Again, you can be working on both work and personal areas.

What do you want to accomplish this month toward your personal mission?

Start by doing a mind dump. Make a list of whatever it is that keeps you up at night – those situations or tasks that if changed or completed would make life more peaceful.

  • Is it a stack of unfiled but important papers on your desk?
  • Unanswered email?
  • The need to research and implement new software?
  • An unresolved or uncomfortable relationship issue that has the potential to reach a crisis?

For example, using the mission statement: “I want to use my skills and position to be a source of emotional, social, and financial good in this company,” …

…a simple goal this month could be to have lunch once a week with an employee you don’t know well or aren’t comfortable with.

This one simple goal moves you toward fulfilling your mission. This would fall under being a source of emotional good – fostering a warm and friendly environment.

Plus, you’ll be amazed at what one good interaction can do for building a positive relationship!

For the parenting example we used yesterday, you could schedule one hour one Saturday each month with a specific child to teach them a particular skill from a predetermined list.

For young kids, it could be how to sort or fold laundry.

For older kids, how to safely use a weed eater or the best way to clean out and organize a closet – not exciting stuff, but you get the idea. They grow in responsibility, and you spend time with them.

Over the long haul, you’ll both benefit.

These planned activities might seem small, but they fit your mission with long-term payoffs when they’re put on the calendar and followed through.


First, restate your personal mission(s):

Choose no more than 3 goals for this month. Be as specific as possible, and work on those that fit into your mission statements.

Looking further ahead, what are a few goals you want to accomplish this quarter?

How about by the end of this year?

Tomorrow we’ll look into personal roadblocks that can trip you up.

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