Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Money matters and the demand for high paying jobs are at an all-time high. Here are some of the highest paying jobs in India which can get you to the heights you have always wanted to scale.
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What is the most important part of a job? Niceties aside, there are few people who would answer this question with something other than the money aspect of things. Income is the driving force that influences our entire job selection process as the salary aspect is not just aesthetic but is the foundation on which our society is built. In this post, we will discuss top 5 highest paying jobs in India.

In this list, we shall be looking at some of India’s best career options that also align with your qualifications and interests.

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Now, Let’s look at top 5 highest paying jobs in India across different sectors that will let you move up to the next level –

Data Scientists. 

The Data Scientist profession is a career opportunity that has seen considerable growth in recent years and is set up for considerable growth in the years to come. Opportunities in this sector are set for exponential expansion, especially in India, as more companies have started to invest in and bring in top-level Data Scientists. 

A Data Scientist is responsible for handling and analyzing massive amounts of data for an organization, which is then used to solve the various challenges in an organization. A Data Scientist has to do the job of a scientist, a statistician and a computer professional. 

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, data science or computer science and an aptitude for analytics and visualization. 

Salary: 6 lakh per annum for beginners

Commercial Pilots. 

One of the highest-paid and most coveted private jobs in India is that of a commercial airline pilot. This profession is the epitome of glamour and panache not just in India but across the world. The aviation industry is not only notoriously difficult to get into but also expensive to study. The obvious benefits include the privileges of a pilot and being able to travel the world as part of your job.

An airline pilot employed in a top airline earns a very handsome sum of money in addition to several benefits such as bonuses and profit-sharing. Commercial Pilots can only work in a private airline and be employed in passenger airlines, cargo flights etc. 

Qualifications: You must have passed 12th with PCM and pass the Pilot training course. You must also possess a commercial pilot license issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Salary: can be between 1-2 lakh per annum, depending on the airline. 

Chartered Accountant.

The job as a chartered accountant is often considered to be the absolute pinnacle in the commerce field, one of the most popular fields in which millions graduate every year. Since the competition to get into this job is on par with the most prestigious government services, there is no question about its weight from a career perspective

A chartered accountant is responsible for handling accounting related matters of any industry such as filing taxes, auditing, maintaining records and similar responsibilities. A CA is quintessential for any business, which is why this profession is in such high demand. 

Qualifications: Any business or commerce student can start with preparation for CA from their graduation as in India, getting certified is a long, competitive and challenging process. However, once you obtain a certification from ICAI, you will be in demand and capable of commanding massive salaries. 

Salary: Average salary for beginners is between 8 to 10 lakh per annum. 

Medical Professionals.

The viability of being a medical professional anywhere is evident from the multitudes of aspirants who appear for the annual entrances. In India especially, the profession is almost revered and offers a steady income no matter your experience or ability. It is hence considered as one of the safest and yet highest paying career options. 

Among medical professionals, doctors, physicians and surgeons are rewarded with handsome compensation and other benefits wherever they ply their trade. This profession is also unaffected by any financial recession, and this makes it a brilliant career choice.

Qualification: In India, doctors are required to have an MBBS degree with the necessary experience and practice. After this, the MD course is also highly desirable for a medical professional. 

Salary: Doctors can average around 10 lakh per annum while practising, while surgeons, the pinnacle of the field, are usually offered 1 to 2 lakh per month. 

Civil Services.

There is no need to explain the prestige, power and overall benefits associated with some of the most coveted jobs in India to any reader here. Civil service has turned into an annual competition where millions of aspirants try their luck at gruelling exams in order to stake their claim as one of the jewels in India’s bureaucracy. 

It is also versatile as top-ranking aspirants can pursue Foreign Service, Police Service, or other niches that best suit their aspirations. The civil service is easily the most historic and influential career choice in India. 

Qualifications: any graduate can appear for the annual Civil Services Exam conducted by UPSC so as to get into these positions. The exam is divided into preliminary, mains, and an interview, and the candidates must pass all of the levels. 

Salary: Although the benefits and overall position trumps any fiscal motivation here, the monthly salary for most of the positions ranges from 60000 to 150000. 

After getting through gruelling exams, getting ahead in the rat race and navigating your way through a competitive and unyielding education system, it will be your highest priority to get into a high paying job that vindicates your years of struggle. Hence, looking for a high paying job is entirely justified in this job climate.


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