How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog?

Blogging is a promising career and a way to get your thoughts organised. Let's look at how to use the free social media for blog promotion or promote your business.
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Blogging is a word that has entered dictionaries and public imaginations from the start of the 21st century. At this point in time, it has turned into a beloved pastime, a promising career for an up and comer, as well as a way to get your thoughts organised. If there is a subject you are passionate about, no matter how whimsical, you can be sure there will be a sprawling blog written on the topic.

Blogging as a profession.

Since blogs have captured the public imagination to such an extent, starting your own seems like a very good idea, but more than that, the success of your blog depends on the number of readers you can pull and how many clicks you can obtain from the blog. This is the key aspect of blogging as a profession, as getting public interest is one of the methods by which you can make your blog take off.

Blog Promotion_ How To Promote A Blog Using Social Media

So, the next part of the equation automatically becomes – How do I promote my blog?

Since you will be a blossoming entrepreneur new to the writing front, there is only one way in which you can facilitate the blog promotion for free – Social media.

Social media has turned into the best possible platform to network and promote any sort of business or other venture plus blog promotion. We are all a living, breathing part of this gargantuan web organism and using social media and its many services have never been so effortless. A conservative estimate of the population using social media is around 3 billion and still growing at an alarming rate. Thus tapping into this largely untapped yet populated market means blog promotion or business promotion on a scale beyond belief.

Blog Promotion_ How To Promote A Blog Using Social Media

We have covered the reasons why using social media for blog promotion is a good idea; now, let us take a look at some social media platforms which you can use to promote your blog.

1. Facebook

Ever since the start of the last decade, Facebook needs no introduction as it has turned into the biggest social media conglomerate on the planet. Endless reach, resources and a potential to connect with everyone across the globe are just a few of this platform’s countless features.

Facebook facilitates sharing your blog and other details to any number of your contacts and provides the widest reach. You can also effortlessly share multimedia files, videos and additional information about your blog to achieve better reach. It also has several features that let your blog promotion to a broad spectrum of people. Not to mention, all these features come absolutely free of cost.

2. Twitter

Twitter has turned into the millennial’s greatest source of news and information. Its 280 character limit cannot be underestimated as it has turned into one of the most accessible platforms for people of all groups to voice their opinion online. And with the character limit, content is always precise and this improves engagement.

Twitter also has a broad spectrum audience, and by sharing a link to your blog, your followers can share the link and keep it circulating as a chain tweet that will help get the maximum reach. You can even use the ‘@ ‘symbol to directly tag a person or a page you are targeting to bring your blog to their attention.  In addition to this, you can also use a unique hashtag that further increases engagement if you can get it trending.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has slowly but surely explored and risen to the top of its niche by appealing to professionals and job seekers, a demographic that continues to rise. Before LinkedIn, social media existed for the sole purpose of connecting friends, family and other acquaintances, and it had an often fun interface. With LinkedIn, however, we saw the advent of a professional networking site that facilitates business and professional connections. LinkedIn focused on creating a business community online by connecting businesses, workers and other people who work with businesses.

Since LinkedIn is business-oriented, it is relatively easier to network and share your blog with other members. It employs a system similar to Facebook as it facilitates sharing a link to your blog with your contacts which are then amplified by others. LinkedIn also helps to create a profile from where people can learn more about you. It also endorses your skills to various contacts in the LinkedIn network, which is comprehensive.

Now let us look at the how-to’s when it comes to blog promotion.

  • Share your blog on promotional sites which will increase traffic.
  • Re-visit some of the older content.
  • Try to re-purpose some of the blogs you have done.
  • Use innovative methods to engage with your target audience
  • Build or be a part of an online community.

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