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  • Bharat Jain

    March 13, 2021 at 7:01 am
    banana-2 35
    crowns-1 Level 1

    Sure @Apurva . Speaking of presenting your startup to investors, I considered some of these points while preparing my startup pitch.

    1) You should always focus on the key points rather than explaining other irrelevant topics. I personally feel the need for keeping your startup pitch short because no one likes hearing a long speech.

    2) Try including your startup story in the pitch, make sure your story is attractive for the investors.

    3) Convey the unique value which your product or service can generate. Demonstrate your product or service to the investors first-hand.

    4) Get ready with your startup valuation and other necessary stats as numbers play a crucial role in startup pitches.

    5) Rehearse your pitch so that you can support your claims and stand your ground.

    Last but not least, be confident about what you say. Confidence plays a vital role in a winning startup pitch.

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