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  • Bharat Jain

    March 13, 2021 at 6:04 am
    banana-2 35
    crowns-1 Level 1

    Hi @Apurva !

    First of all, I am also a co-founder of a 1-year-old startup.

    I would like to suggest some points to answer your question.

    It’s ok not to be perfect right at the start

    • Follow the basics first. Research a little bit, build your team, choose your target audience and who your co-founder would be if only you are planning for it. Don’t rush yourself too much into technicalities. You will find many people once you start telling people what your plans are and what you aim to do with your startup.

    Develop your vision as per your capabilities

    • Don’t expect much at the beginning, like of a dream launch and getting 1000 followers in a few days. Instead, think of a small start. Find your initial users among your friends, colleagues, family and cousins.

    Don’t invest too much

    • Keep your initial investment low.

    • Take feedbacks from your initial users. Believe me! Some of the feedbacks help you with improving your ideas.

    So, the main reason for telling you this is that things will eventually work out somehow.

    When you are new and young in a business, you need some people to say that you are doing it the wrong way. Find some well-wishers and people to guide you and mentor you

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