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Imagine yourself sitting in the interview room, exhibiting the right amount of confidence and interest compared to your fellow interviewers. The latter are sweating off in nervousness because they lack the very skill the job market demands. However, you, my friend, have mastered the necessary skills required to land your dream job without breaking a sweat.

Do you want this dream to become a reality?

It's time you use a proven process that produces results. Long gone are the days when outdated résumés and applying to every job get you the job you've no idea about. No longer will you be using obsolete and non-effective job-hunting tactics that produce nothing but frustration and disappointment.

With Mentor Monkey's 4 Day LIVE Job- Ready Challenge, you'll be able to:

What do we require from you?

4 Days 4 Challenges

Hack the applicant tracking system


You've made the prettiest résumé, including all your achievements, used strong verbs to start each bullet point, and your contact information was accurate. But why haven't you received a call from the prospective employers begging you to join them?

Because humans aren't even checking your resume.

In today's hiring process, most companies use an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, to narrow down their choices. Day 1 of the challenge, you'll learn how to tailor your résumé in a way ATS scan them, and our detailed worksheets will help you with techniques to beat ATS in a matter of time.

Make your linkedin your online resume


Employers in every industry use LinkedIn to find job candidates, and it's the top site for professional career networking. When you apply for a job, the employer might also check out your LinkedIn profile to learn more about you. But if it's not optimized, how will you be visible to your prospective employers?

Day 2 of the challenge will teach you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility online and help you build your professional brand.

Target Jobs through Linkedin


Applied to your dream company through LinkedIn but haven't received a reply from them yet? Wondering why? Job seekers lack the correct technique of approaching and pitching.

Day 3 of our challenge, you will learn sure-fire pitching techniques that will help you sell yourself and target the dream companies you have been dreaming about.

Bonus: You can use our ready-made cold-email templates (worth $300, but FREE for you) that can set you a thousand miles apart from mediocrity and close the deal with your prospective employers.

The Big Day


What's stopping you from joining the last challenge in this exciting Job Challenge series? 1 lucky participant will get a BONANZA gift, and every participant will receive a surprise from us...

To know more, dive into this exciting gold rush challenge, turbo-charge your resume and claim your surprise gift for FREE.



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