How To Use Photoshop For A Career?

How To Use Photoshop For A Career?
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Adobe Photoshop has turned into a prerequisite for any beginner getting into design, becoming synonymous with the field itself. The emergence of free and open-source internet in the 21st century has allowed developers to make our lives easier by means of applications (like Adobe Photoshop) tailored to our every need.

First, it is essential to look into the technical side of things, starting off with its principal function. Photoshop is a tool that helps in creating, enhancing, or otherwise altering any image, artwork, or any digitally made or captured file, also utilized for digitally manipulating, retouching, or editing any photo or video format.

This plethora of uses makes it a formidable skill to possess, greatly complementing your CV and putting you in the forefront for any potential vacancy with Photoshop as the requirement.

Now let us take a look at some of the versions of Photoshop that mitigate certain niches any organization may need:

  • Photoshop CC or Creative Cloud; which can be considered the professional level version. It is used by professional web designers, video editors, and programmers to manipulate 2D images, although it also offers 3D functionality in addition to image analysis.
  • Photoshop Lightroom; Photographers primarily use this version to process a large volume of images, but it does not have many of the primary capabilities of the other versions.
  • Photoshop Elements is the consumer version of Photoshop. It has all the image editing capabilities of the CC. Still, it is more user-friendly, possessing simplistic options for beginners, and this version is what a beginner should explore. Some of its features are:
    • Altering the color of the image.
    • Cropping images.
    • Correcting flaws in the image.
    • Drawing on or adding text to images.
    • Removing people or objects in an image.
    • Publishing the photos online.

As we have seen the scope that Photoshop offers, we must look at how you can learn it. There are several ways to learn Adobe Photoshop. Popular methods include taking in-person Photoshop classes, live online Photoshop classes, learning via online Photoshop tutorials, and Photoshop books. Online articles are yet another way by which you can learn this skill.

As far as careers go, experts in Photoshop are highly sought after and for jobs that directly or in some way make use of this application. So we can look at a few jobs that fit this bill.

Graphic Designer

graphics designer using photoshop

This particular job taps into the technical aspects of Photoshop and could be the right one for you if you work best when you have total artistic control. However, it is the freedom to experiment and express that makes this option particularly appealing.



Being a photographer entails using Photoshop to correct blemishes, adjust the light, and so on. An affinity towards photography will help to pursue this as a career.

Visual effects artist

Visual effects artist using Photoshop

The job of a visual effects artist has to do with setting up various stages of pre and post-production designs, which may involve setting up the storyboard or completing post-production. Working on movie sets and other massive commercial projects is an added benefit.


advertiser using Photoshop

An advertiser helps in making content suited to their customers. For example, Photoshop is a great way to display the brand’s presence online, and an advertiser can help amplify this.

The success of Photoshop primarily lies in its universality and significance towards any organization with any public front. Billions are spent every year by organizations to set up and maintain their online persona. In a world of movements, unrest, and innovation every second of the day, these organizations are in a rat race for relevance in front of the phone scrolling consumer.

This is where the knowledge of something as versatile as Photoshop comes to the fore, as through it, you can create content specifically catering to what is in vogue, something that is an asset for any firm. Thus a firm hold of Photoshop makes you a valuable and sought-after commodity in the job market, making your stock rise exponentially.


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