How Hastags fulfill demand of Social Media?

Using hashtags is something that propels your brand to instant recognition. This article focuses on how you can use hashtags, their purposes, and some of the most popular ones.
why hastags are popular
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Most effective marketing tool.

Ever wondered how hastags fulfill demand of social media? Well, Social media has slowly turned into a behemoth that has revolutionized and galvanized how we market anything. The turn of the new decade has shown brand new methods to promote your brand on social media’s worldwide network. It offers a fresh new perspective and innumerable options that helps in significantly improving your marketing reach and provide services to entirely new markets. 

Hashtags: Vital social media components

While social media has turned into the most effective marketing tool, hashtags have become its vital components that have heralded this decade’s new social media marketing boom.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or particular phrase preceded by the ‘#’ or pound symbol. They mainly work as indicators that show content that belongs in a specific category. They are usually designed to help users or algorithms to discover the content of a particular kind. Hashtags serve a simple purpose, as they help improve the reach by simply categorizing your post into a specific group. This, in turn, makes sure that your post reaches your target audience often times than not, without getting lost in the vast majority of posts that populate social media as a whole.

Hashtags greatly improves the engagement.

Whatever social media platform you propose to use for your company or brand, knowing what hashtags to use and when to use them greatly improves the engagement of your posts. The objective of this article is to break down the importance of various hashtags on social media as well as helping find the best hashtags you can use in your campaign to increase engagement on your company’s posts or brand name. 

Instagram is the most popular platform where brands and other entities use to promote their brand, and it offers the most versatility. It also greatly popularized the use of hashtags in public posts. 

Hashtags fulfill demand of social media
Hastags are widely been used all over Internet

So let us now look at why you should use hashtags in social media such as Instagram.

1.    They increase engagement with your followers.

Something that every brand tries to achieve is creating organic and effective engagement with their consumers. In social media terms, engaging with your followers is crucial to promote the growth of your brand. 

Using hashtags means that you are aware and taking part in a contemporary affair or conversation, which dramatically boosts your social media engagement by associating your post with that conversation. 

2.    Building brand awareness

The only way to build a brand is to associate with current trends, and hashtags are the ideal vehicle for this. A branded hashtag drives conversation around your company or brand and provides universal appeal.

There are various examples of brands using hashtags to stimulate intensive discourse around their company. A famous instance includes Coca-cola’s #Shareacokewith campaign, which encouraged consumers to share their beverage and share these instances on social media with the hashtag & that’s how hastags fulfill demand of social media.

3.    Supports local issues 

Brands also constantly use hashtags to show a connection to any prevalent social issue. This can be anything that is relevant in the current situation or something that brings attention to a social cause. 

A hashtag can be used to show solidarity to any local issue or general ones such as mental health awareness, AIDS and drug abuse.

Some of the most popular hashtags of 2021 include ones that offer maximum engagement and create organic brand awareness. The most popular hashtags to use on social media include –

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #photooftheday
  • #photography
  • #nature
  • #picoftheday
hastags fulfil demand of social media

These hashtags provide a relatively small sample size to understand the social media influence of hashtags. Popular hashtags also drastically differ based on what social media you are using, as in sites like LinkedIn; the most popular ones include #leadership and #jobs. 

The best ways to find hashtags that are specific to your brand or company are:

  • Monitoring social media influencers.
  • Using sites like hashatigy.me
  • Monitoring trending hashtags
  • Analyzing successful past hashtags.

We have covered the scope of using hashtags on social media and looked at some pointers on how to use them and which ones to select. They are the present and future of online marketing, and understanding hashtags means understanding marketing.


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