How To Choose A Great Career Acc To My MBTI Personality?

How To Choose A Career According To My MBTI Personality?
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Personality refers to an individual’s behavior and way of interacting with people or in any situation around, his/her behavior towards others, attitude, thought process, perceiving thought, and knowledge. Personality plays a role of vital ingredient in human life and helps him/her to stand apart from every other individual.

Human tendency changes in every phase of life. As different individuals have different mindsets, it is crucial to respect every human being for being indifferent and unique in their way. Every individual possesses distinct personality traits, and according to that specific traits, human behavior responds in every possible situation, and it varies from individual to individual. 

Opting for a career or building a career based on your personality trait can turn into a life-changing experience, and how grateful that would be. Self-awareness and productive research is the key to know your personality for career formation. It pushes you towards betterment, development, and progress in every possible way. The question arises of how to check your personality trait or type and what career opportunities are available for specific traits in the current scenario. Nowadays, many personality tests are available online and offline sources where MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). This self-report helps to introspect what career you must opt for based on different categories and then detect your personality trait. 

Four psychological functions help every personality trait to experience each type according to the theory. 

1. Extrovert and Introvert

The differentiation between these two is how to react with other people. Extroverts like to work with different people, and on the other hand, an introvert prefers to be alone or with people of the same interest.

Extrovert (E) high energy or vibe for work, prefers to talk and listen to others’ perspectives, prefers a public role, and is outgoing and enthusiastic. 

Introvert (I) has quite low energy and is comfortable with being alone. Introverts prefer to work behind the scenes and are more self-contained. They think first and then act accordingly. 

2. Sensor and Intuitive

How rarely we note everything or have a habit of daily writing, very few, right? A sensor likes to note and write everything going around them, and intuitive individuals are more creative and think abstractly. 

Sensor (S), such individuals are practical, methodical; they see things how they are, take step-to-step instruction, and they describe things in a literal way.

Intuitive (N), they have creative ideas, describe things in an informative way, and trust their gut instincts. 

3. Thinker and Feeler 

Thinkers tend to be analytical and use logical reasoning think and ideas in every situation. On the other hand, feelers are seen as more empathetic, and they like to please everybody. 

Thinker (T) – thinkers are honest and direct with everybody, argue on debates for fun, and are concerned about rational arguments.

Feeler (F) – is more calm and friendly, diplomatic and tactful in every situation, can take things personally, can be motivated by an appreciation by others. 

4. Judger and Perceiver

Both of these describe the way of life, how you want to live the outer life. 

Judger (J) prefers to work in structural order; they want detailed step-by-step instructions, make plans to solve problems, and feel comfortable with schedules. 

Perceiver (P) – they prefer to feel things as they are, want to have their options in the first place, like flexible plans, and are spontaneous. 

Now with the help of these psychological function, we have sixteen types of personality’s traits which can be seen in any individual, and those are- 

ISTJ – The Inspector 

myers briggs personality test - ISTJ - dentist

This personality is the combination of an introvert, sensing, thinking, and judging. People under this trait are responsible, serious, and formal. They believe in straightforwardness and act according to rules and regulations. They have moral ground and support ethical practices. Few job titles where ISTJ personality can apply at the post of auditor, be property manager, work as an accountant in any respective company, build their career in computer science, and pursue a dentist’s degree. 

ISTP – The Craftsman

myers briggs personality test - ISTP - banker

This personality is the combination of introvert, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. The carriers in this personality are logical and sensible with a productive thought process. They are misunderstood easily by any other person and can be fun when required. They are mystery men and can’t trust anyone easily; it is very important to make them free and comfortable in their own space. Suitable job titles for ISTP personality are mechanics. Any professional trainer can build their career in photography. With good knowledge, they can be a financial manager in a respective bank and pursue a career in sports with a lot of hard work and practice.

ISFJ – The Protector

myers briggs personality test - ISFP - teacher

This personality has a combination of Introvert, sensing, feeler, and judging. They are positive and inspiring personalities. They have warm and nurturing nature. They are more concerned about the people who love them and care for them. Few job opportunities open for this personality are health care administration, pre-school teacher, a nurse in a hospital, a physician, and a career in food technology. 

ISFP – The Artist 

myers briggs personality test - ISFP - designer

The combination of this personality includes Introvert, sensing, fluid with feelings, and perceiving. This personality is joyful in their surroundings. They are spontaneous and warm with feelings, courageous, and keen to be in social groups to make new friends. Innovative job titles are available for this personality, including fashion designing, interior designing, artist, jeweler, and graphic designing. 

INFJ – The Advocate 

myers briggs personality test - INFJ - psychologist

This personality combines introverts, intuitive, fluid with feelings and judging. They have brilliant listening skills and decision-making qualities. They see the world from unique perspectives. There are few job titles where an INFJ personality can apply in career and school counseling, physical therapist, psychologist, and public health education. 

INFP – The Idealist 

myers briggs personality test - INFP - management

One of the rarest types of personality. This personality combines the trait of Introvert, intuitiveness, feeling, and perceiving nature. They are idealists and visionaries. There are highly ambitious with innovative ideas. They have exceptional leadership skills and good qualities of management. Respective job titles are teaching and archeologist. 

INTJ- The Mastermind 

myers briggs personality test - INTJ - architect

They are lonely souls who just focused on themselves and worked hard to become a strong person. They are introverts from the core, intuitiveness, great thinker, and judging. They are always eager to solve a problem with innovative solutions and ideas. Architect, mathematician, professor, police officer are few job titles for this personality. 

INTP – The Thinker

myers briggs personality test - INTP - chemical engineer

This personality combines Introvert, intuitiveness, thinker, and perceiving. Thinkers have brilliant knowledge of theories and thesis. They use logic for everything and analytical. They are helpful in nature. Economists, database administrators, web developers, and chemical engineers are this personality’s best possible job opportunities.

ESTP – The Promoter

myers briggs personality test - ESTP - firefighters

This personality has remarkable persuasion skills in their respective field. This combines extrovert, sensing, thinking, and perceiving behavior. They have tremendous communication skills with listening power. They are always ready to adopt new things. They love to enjoy their carefree attitude. They spread positive vibes in the surrounding. Fitness instructors, travelers or tour guides, firefighters, and flight attendants are few areas where ESTP can build their careers. 

ESTJ – The Supervisor

myers briggs personality test - ESTJ - lawyer

Another interesting personality is in customs and ethics. This personality combines extroverts, sensing, thinking, and judging. They have a powerful belief system. Following rules and norms is the autonomy of a good citizenry. They are very outspoken about their thoughts. They argue with facts and logic. Lawyers, police officers, real estate agents, sales managers, insurance agents are few job opportunities. 

ESFP- The Performer

myers briggs personality test - pr - esfp

As it combines extrovert, sensing, fluid with feeling and perceiving attitude. They have charming personalities. They are joyful and liveliest nature among others. Their introspection skills are generous in every possible perspective. This personality has job titles for elementary teaching, recreation work, blogging, PR manager, and musicians. 

ESFJ – The Caretaker

myers briggs personality test - esfj - hr

The caretakers are the most emotional human being on planet earth. Helping others is their birthright. They are always there for everybody. They have cheerleading skills and a positive attitude for everybody. Social workers, caretakers, child care providers, dieticians, elementary teaching, and HR managers are job opportunities to build a career.  

ENFP – The Champion

myers briggs personality test - enfp - actors

There is no confidence like an ENFP personality has. They are courageous and ready to face every situation. They are mentally and emotionally strong personalities. They are challenging and achievers in every aspect of life. The champions are highly perceptive and thoughtful in nature. Actors, dancers, reporters, travel agents are few job fields where you can build your career. 

ENFJ – The Teacher

myers briggs personality test - enfj - author

ENFJ is the nicest personality of all other traits. It combines extrovert, intuitiveness, full of feelings, and judging. This group always wants to be social with others and eager to help. They always look out for potential in others and encourage personal growth. They always look forward to a better future scenario. Few job opportunities are health educator, editor, translator, and author, and career counselor. 

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ENTP – The Visionary 

myers briggs personality test - entp - politician

This personality has great skills to win any argument and debate. This personality combines extrovert, intuitiveness, analytical thinking, and perceiving gesture. They are meant to be greatly influential social speakers. 

They are very knowledgeable and have thoughts to change the world. They can change other perceptions and thoughts through their visionary mindset. Few job titles like creative director, acting, politician, social scientist, education director, and entrepreneurship are available to build a strong career. 

ENTJ – The Commander 

myers briggs personality test - entj - computer scientist

This personality includes extroverts, intuitiveness, clever thinking, and judging perspective. They are born leaders. Communication is difficult because of its dominating nature. They are not spontaneous but can achieve their desired goals with a positive attitude. Accountancy, budget manager, cost estimator, art direction, advertising management, and a computer scientist are few job opportunities to build their careers.


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