Marketing Specialist

Career as Marketing Specialist - Overview

As the title suggests, a marketing specialist specializes within a particular area of marketing, such as influencer marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing, field and event marketing, market research, branding, paid media, content marketing, copywriting and so forth.

A marketing specialist’s role is of great significance to any marketing team due to the diverse roles performed by the individual, including developing marketing materials for websites and other social platforms, liaising with sales teams and other departments to manage various internal and external communications for the company.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Marketing Specialist ?

  • Planning and implementing marketing strategies.
  • Conducting competitive research and analysis.
  • Carry out market research in order to determine customer trends and behaviours.
  • Setting goals and objectives to reach our customers through appropriate marketing methods (digital and traditional).
  • Using prospecting and networking to build and maintain relationships with new and existing consumers.
  • Increasing brand exposure through marketing initiatives.
  • Developing marketing content for company website and other marketing channels.
  • Supporting the marketing team with marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas, including advertising, optimization, social media, event planning, and direct marketing.
  • Assisting with marketing data analyses, including campaign results, conversion rates, and online traffic to improve future marketing strategies and campaigns.


What are the skills required to become a Marketing Specialist ?

Technical Skills

Proficiency with Google analytics and web analytics tools
Know-how of running marketing campaigns
SEO skills
Data analysis skills
Project management skills

Soft Skills

Creative writing skills
Communication skills
Leadership skills
Time management skills


Class 12th from any stream
Graduation in Marketing or related fields


Influencer marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media and e-mail marketing
Field and event marketing

How to become a Marketing Specialist?

Salary of Marketing Specialist

The average salary of a Marketing specialist in India is Rs. 50,000/- per month

Salary based upon your experience

0 – 2 years, 4 to 6 lacs per annum
2 – 5 years, 7 to 10 lacs per annum
5+ years, 11 to 15 lacs per annum

Factors that can affect your salary-

Your total experience
Writing skills
Job location
Type of company
Job responsibilities


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