Legal Assistant

What is a Legal Assistant ?

Legal Assistants are often known as backhands for the lawyer or attorney. They keep legal documents up to date, update files, conduct research, and prepare the first draft of documents. Legal assistants enhance a lawyer’s effectiveness by developing evidence, case material, and settlement options. A Legal Assistant also keeps track of cases to support the lawyer’s legal proceedings.

Aside from the files, they must also have a good understanding of computers because they will handle digital databases, prepare and deliver affidavits, and reference legal libraries. An aspirant who did not pass the bar exams can potentially work as a paralegal or legal assistant.

The demand for Legal Assistants is growing in parallel with the increase in the number of lawyers. There are several opportunities in the legal industry, and anyone with the necessary skill and knowledge set may typically become a successful paralegal.

Here, we’ll look at what the work entails, as well as the skills and qualifications required. We will also look at the salary structure as well as the best colleges and courses to pursue a career as a Legal Assistant.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a Legal Assistant ?

  • Establishes and organises files; monitors calendars; meets deadlines; documents actions; enters information into file database and case management software; confirm case status with attorney.
  • Maintains communication with those engaged in the matter; preparing and forwarding summonses and subpoenas; scheduling depositions; preparing and filing discovery requests; drafting complaints; preparing and filing discovery requests; generating status reports; preparing responses to opposing counsel.
  • Maintains contact with clients and communicates case progress to keep them informed.
  • Maintains case costs by checking outstanding accounts with attorneys, clients, and service suppliers.
  • Responsibility for preparing case summaries and materials for mediation conferences; draft pleadings; monitor and obtains discovery replies; and organises materials for a team case review.
  • Helps trial proceedings by organising evidence, preparing exhibits, scheduling witnesses, ensuring witnesses are available when needed, and taking courtroom notes.
  • Participates in educational opportunities and reads professional periodicals to keep job knowledge up to date.
  • Accomplishes organisational goals by taking responsibility for new and diverse requests and exploring ways to add value to job accomplishments.


What are the skills required to become a Legal Assistant ?

Technical Skills

Reporting Skills
Legal Administration Skills
Deep knowledge of legal terms and concepts
Analytical skills
Client Relationships
Knowledge of computer

Soft Skills

Organizational skills
Planning skills
Communication skills
Research Skills
Attention to Detail
Client confidentiality


Class 12th from any stream
Bachelor's degree in Law
Degree in paralegal studies



How to become a Legal Assistant?

Salary of Legal Assistant

The average salary of a Legal Assistant in India is Rs. 33,000 per month

Salary based upon your experience

0 – 2 years, 1 to 3 lacs per annum
2 – 5 years, 4 to 7 lacs per annum
5+ years, 8 to 12 lacs per annum

Factors that can affect your salary-

Your total experience
Content writing skills you possess
Job location
Type of company
Job responsibilities



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