6 Admiring Career Paths for a Mass Communications Major

If you have gotten a degree in Mass Communications, there is a whole world filled with opportunities out there for you.
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If you have gotten a degree in Mass Communications, there is a whole world filled with opportunities out there for you. This is because a course in Mass Communications covers everything you need to learn about media. In this post, we will check out 6 admiring career paths for a mass communications major.

It provides you with the necessary skills for jobs in media like a news anchor, reporter, magazine publisher, documentary-maker, etc. The field is perfect for those who are adventurous and unafraid of exploring different careers.

As in most professions, you might have to start at a low-paying position, but you can rise to great heights if you are talented and a hard worker. With media becoming more pervasive than ever, a degree in Mass Communications has been in great demand in recent years. 

Here’s the list of 6 Admiring Career Paths for a Mass Communications Major:

News Channel

A degree in Mass Communications is a ticket to get a job at a news channel. Whether you want to be the face of the evening news or work in the background as a producer, this field will be perfect for you. The best thing about a job in this field is the dynamic work environment that you will find yourself in.

6 Admiring Career Paths for a Mass Communications Major

The workplace will always be buzzing as news channels have to report things as they are simultaneously happening. If you love travelling, you could get a job as a reporter and get to travel all over the world. 


Let’s start with the most obvious option. This is the career most students have in mind when they opt for Mass Communication. One cannot talk about media without thinking about journalism. And even though people like to say that journalism is dying these days, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s true that people are buying fewer physical newspapers, but journalism has accepted the challenge and has started to evolve. Now, most news is accessible on smartphones and tablets through various apps. This means that the demand for journalists is still very much there.

And, of course, there are so many fields within journalism that you can always write about something you are passionate about. A lover of sports can become a sports reporter, while a movie enthusiast can write entertainment news. 

Graphic Designing 

Another career that you can pursue after a Mass Communications degree in graphic designing. Though this field will definitely require specialization. However, once you have taken a course in graphic designing, a range of interesting jobs will open up for you. Anything from poster designing to making cover art for books will be fair game.

6 Admiring Career Paths for a Mass Communications Major.

Since this is a specialized job, you won’t have to worry about struggling for years to get a decent salary. And if your skills and talents are properly developed, you will get high paying job opportunities. This is also a job that will always keep you engaged. Also, if you are passionate about it, you will love every day of your job.


A Mass Communications degree provides training that develops every skill needed for any position at a magazine. If you love writing, you could get a job as a writer and spend your entire life writing articles on subjects that you find fascinating. If you have always had an incisive eye for editing, you could apply for an editor position.

Editors don’t have a lot of workloads, but you will need to have highly developed writing skills to be considered for the position. A job at a magazine is perfect for creative people who want jobs that will keep their mental faculties engaged at all times. 

Public Relations

A lot of journalists, after years spent in newspapers, transfer to public relations. This is because their journalistic experience can help them land a comfortable high paying job at a PR firm or company. The fields are very close to each other, and the skills are transferable.

6 Admiring Career Paths for a Mass Communications Major

As a PR manager or a publicist, you should have problem-solving skills and the knack of spinning a story in favour of your boss- whoever that may be. Networking is another essential skill in this field. If you want to get into PR without any prior experience, an internship would be your best bet. 


Are you someone who has always been considered creative? Perhaps you used to write stories while at school or direct plays while in college? Advertising is the ideal job for people who have creative minds. In this job, you will be responsible for developing creative and innovative ideas for different brands.

The best feature of this job is that it will always be interesting. It will push you to come up with creative concepts in a limited amount of time. So, if you are someone who likes challenges, this is the job for you.  

Which career do you want to pursue after your Mass Communications course? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.


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