Why you should take a vacation from work?

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Work can be very stressful, and if you don’t take a vacation from work, you are liable to burnout. Some days of vacation are perfect for restoring the health of your mind and body. Stress tends to build up over time, and it is essential to take some time off to release it. Often we keep putting off vacations as if taking them would be an irresponsible thing to do. This is a mistake as taking a vacation would actually rejuvenate us, and we would be able to perform even better at work. 

Here are some reasons why it’s important to take vacation from work:

They are Good for your Health 

You must have noticed how good you feel when you are on vacation. There is enough scientific evidence that holidays have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health. A study conducted by the American Psychological Association concluded that vacations are great at providing relief from anxiety and stress. Another study by the University of Vienna concluded that physical complaints like headaches and backaches caused by stress vanish for around five weeks after coming back from a vacation. Also, multiple studies have found that employees who take a vacation from work are less likely to develop heart problems. 

Basically, if all we do is work, then we will burn out, and our bodies will pay the price. Even a day spent curled up with a book or a scenic drive to the beach can relax you mentally and physically. 

vacation from work is must for good health
vacation from work

They make you a Better Worker

Do you want to perform better at work to impress your boss? Rather than putting more time in, you might get better results from taking time off. According to the Ernst & Young study, for every 10 hours of vacation time that employees took, their performance ratings actually improved by 8%. 

How to Take Off

Before you leave for your highly anticipated vacation, make sure you remind your boss and colleagues of your planned absence. Brief the person who will be taking over your work while you will be away. 

These things are easily done. The hard part will be sticking to the plan of separating yourself from work while on vacation. There will be constant temptation to check messages or emails and reply to them. It is important that you fight these temptations as the healing powers of a vacation won’t work if you are still preoccupied with thoughts about your office.

Don’t be a Martyr 

You deserve the happiness of anticipating a beautiful getaway where you will be completely free of work responsibilities for some weeks. Unfortunately, many employees avoid taking vacations as they think no one else will be able to do their job. Others become ‘work martyrs’ as they don’t take vacations, thinking their absence will cause too much burden for their co-workers. 

Sometimes, your boss will also try to make you feel guilty to dissuade you from taking a vacation. You should brush this off as taking a vacation is your right, and you should not feel guilty for that. Self-care is essential as well and should not be neglected.

A vacation is very important to restore your mental and physical health as work stress tends to build up over time. A good break relaxes you and relieves anxiety and stress. Therefore, whenever you feel that you are getting too exhausted and close to job burnout, do not hesitate to take a break and go on a vacation. After reading the reasons stated above in defence of holidays, we hope that you decide to go for one when you feel that you need a break from work. Which of the reasons did you relate with most? Let us know in the comment section below.


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