The Dos And Don’ts Of Online Learning

Let's attempt to best look at and cover the dos and donts of online learning that any student should consider and follow on the subject.
Dos And Don’ts Of Online Learning
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Our world has reached a peculiar situation that has marooned the up and coming young generation on a metaphorical online island, cut off from the real world and devoid of its experiences. This bubble reality has begun to shape their personalities for better or worse as it has turned into their only source of outside exposure. Online classes and learning have turned into the best and safest representation of reality for these countless residents of the pandemic.

A shift to a virtual world has seen a shockwave of amendment rippling through the very fabric of our education system. Rules that were once held in sanctimonious regard in classrooms and enforced by teachers are no more than inconveniences and restrictions at home for a regular child stuck in the comfort and convenience of home. The conveniences often impair key tenets of learning such as discipline, punctuality and a prompt and active presence in class, as it is just easier for students to recede into their cocoons.

Dos And Donts Of Online Learning

This is where a change should ring about in students as an online class should, in theory, impart a sense of responsibility to the learner. Your active participation and prompt presence should guide you through what are rocky waters for the education sector.

To help you out in this regard, we shall go through some dos and donts of online learning that you should or shouldn’t practice. 

The Dos Of Online Learning –

1. Always try to be punctual.

Punctuality is a life skill that should define and be a part of your very character. Although online classes provide the temptation to log in late, you should be punctual and log in at the scheduled time. Since the online course has a lot of room for error, you should be prepared with the platform you are using and on the stipulated time. Being late in the convenience of your home is something that is irresponsible.

2. Read the syllabus beforehand.

Getting to know the syllabus beforehand is a method used by focused individuals who think ahead. The syllabus is the outline on which you can build your timetable and schedule study sessions, thus helping you stay ahead of the classes.

3. Set up a quiet and comfortable space.

Dos Of Online Learning

Online classes greatly depend on the immediate environment in which you set up your PC or mobile device. It is imperative for your concentration that you find a place that is least interrupted by noise from inside or outside the house. Your background is yet another part of your environment that you must pay special attention to as it is recommended that you have a nice and clean background behind you. So you should make sure you cover up that favourite poster.

4. Always test your tech.

Your tech and setting is the most important part of your online learning experience, and it is up to you to keep your tech in the best possible condition. Any errors or glitches could mean you miss many topics, so you should always conduct routine checks on all your equipment for a hassle-free learning experience.

5. Embrace the best part of learning online.

Online learning is not exactly ideal for students in many scenarios. But it is up to you to embrace the positives, including the flexible hours, access to previous classes and an overall convenience that comes up education being at your fingertips.

The Donts Of Online Learning –

1. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in class.

Since the online avenue has considerably limited student-teacher interaction, it is up to you to make it up by being active in class. Your teachers will be expecting you to play an active role in class, and you should reinforce this feeling with your enthusiasm and express it.

2. Don’t set up your class near distractions

As mentioned earlier, great care should be taken before you set up your device to attend class, as it should not be near anything that could compromise your concentration. Always stay away from the obvious diversions like the television, music players and doors.

3. Don’t be late in your submissions.

Don’ts Of Online Learning

A common issue teachers have to face is dealing with students who constantly submit their work late or don’t submit it at all. You should make sure you do not irk your teacher or supervisor by forgetting deadlines or constantly being late. Prompt submissions should be the norm.

4. Don’t feel isolated.

A common with the online mode of learning is the feeling of isolation. You must take steps to prevent this burnout by collaborating with your peers and forming groups. You are never alone as the other students share the same sensibilities and aspirations you do.

5. Don’t be discouraged

It is easy to fall into the well of despair at a time like this. You should engage yourself by going on walks, exercising or reading books. And of course, taking a break now and again is always encouraged as this can refresh you for the day ahead.

In conclusion, what we are trying to accomplish is to shed light on online learning being a competent temporary solution that attempts to offer the best of both worlds. The advancements in technology can only augment and improve these techniques, and very soon, online learning can trump even the real thing.

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