11 Best Startups In India To Work For

11 Best Startups In India To Work For
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Indian Startups are emerging as world dominators in every domain ranging from healthcare to nutrition, beauty to hair care, web development to digital marketing, and so on. The unique perspectives of the Indian entrepreneurs have been the driving causes for them in having an extra edge for their Startup businesses compared to others all around the world.

Working for these Startups can be very beneficial for individuals because of the various prospects as they comply with the new trends in every industry. Many reasons can be attributed to these Startups gaining massive popularity among the Indian young professionals to work at.

startups in India
  • The government is encouraging the development of Startups by formulating schemes like Startup India that aim to provide financial support to entrepreneurs, especially women who want to restart their careers and do something commendable for society.
  • Working for a Startup is the best option for people who want to enhance their innovative thinking capabilities. The opportunities that come along the way are innumerable and crucial to positive career growth with time.
  • The recognition an individual gets for their work while working in a Startup is comparatively more than working for existing companies, which is very beneficial in the long run.

Although there are many Startups in India that an individual can consider working with, presented below are some of the best choices one can make that will help them get an edge in their career and provide the experience that they have never gained before.

1. The Second Angle

The Second Angle is an online media platform that aims to disseminate information through articles that are important for today’s generation. The Startup believes that relevant information needs to be disseminated among the youth rather than irrelevant topics that are of no use to them.

2. Haptik

Haptik is a part of the Jio platforms of the Reliance industries. It has been developing new projects, especially after collaborating between top Startups like Google and Facebook with Jio limited. Currently, the platform is providing remote job opportunities for quality assurance and financial accounting and management systems.

3. Razorpay

Razorpay is an Indian digital payment platform providing individuals with job opportunities in quality assurance, financial management, risk management, so on and so forth. These job opportunities are available in both remote as well as in-office options. They are affiliated with perks like health and medical insurances, office support, monthly allowances, incentives, etc.

4. Zest Money

Zest Money is India’s very own online jobs platform, which provides:

  • Varied job offers to range from overall management of their website.
  • Updating it with the latest content.
  • Maintaining records of the money sanctioned to the users of the services provided by them.

5. Groww

Groww is a platform that lets its users invest their money in different mutual funds and insurance options. It guides how other users can invest money in stocks that will turn the situation into a favorable outcome for them.

6. Meesho

Meesho is an online platform where people can buy and sell used clothes and almost anything other people use. An individual can work for the website by reselling different items and earning a decent sum of money.

7. Zomato

Zomato is one of India’s best food delivery services and is expected to grow at a very progressive rate in the future years. The platform provides various job options in delivery, sales, product marketing, and engineering departments.

8. Paytm

Paytm is also an online payment platform well recognized owing to its cashback offers that it rewards its customers with. It provides job options ranging from data engineering to web development and customer service executives.

9. BYJU’s

BYJU’s is leading the domain of different study apps in India, the platform provides job options for subject matter experts and teachers looking for work-from-home opportunities. It also hires business and web management professionals for different departments.

10. CRED

CRED is a platform developed by the company after getting a very positive response from the target audience. It provides its users with exciting rewards whenever they pay their pending credit card bills. You can easily be a part of their website by applying on the careers tab.

11. Instamojo

Instamojo is a payment and eCommerce platform currently hiring people for many home-based jobs, especially in customer sales and customer care representatives. Other job openings include analysts, data engineering, visual and UI designing, and so on.

startups in India

Therefore, it can be concluded that these Indian Startups provide job opportunities to interested candidates and are also working on providing them with the best work surroundings and resources that are crucial to the development of positive results and work simplification techniques. Do check out their websites and apply to them by creating interesting and unique resumes and CVs.


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