Why Is The Salary Of Digital Marketing Professionals Are Low?

Why Is The Salary Of Digital Marketing Professionals Are Low?
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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, in easy words, is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media platforms, social media tools, various search engines, and other channels to reach maximum consumers. As we noticed in 2020, wherein pandemic everything is running through internet which gives a super boost to digital marketers to see the online market from the core and turns out to be impact-full and more accessible than traditional ways of marketing. 

Here, it is very easy to get connections according to our choice and create engagement for the internet. With the increased projection of digitization in every sector, there is a huge downfall as well. The downfall in the sphere of skills and salaries. As we all know, Digital Marketing requires both technical and soft skills and proper knowledge of the internet. Earlier, very few universities, primarily private educational institutions, offered Digital Marketing courses. Still, after seeing a massive demand in the market after Covid-19, almost every university introduced a Specialization course in Digital Marketing, which includes many social media and social media tools modules, which gives an ample amount of knowledge and skills

Why Is The Salary Of Digital Marketing Professionals Are Low?

On the other, the concept of Pseudo-Specialist came across where people read about few articles about digital marketing, passed any online certification course of few weeks from an unauthorized institute, and rushed to work in the market. The result is poor performance, minimal profit with fewer salaries.  

Now the question arises why digital marketing professional salary is lower in comparison to other technical professionals. The main reason for low salaries is a lack of skills and knowledge. Digital Marketing is a technical field that demands practice and patience

Not choosing the job according to your area of interest in the right company is another reason for digital marketing professional low salary as you aren’t fit for the particular job. 

It is vital in digital marketing professional salary. If you are handling 2-3 projects simultaneously, then management, concentration on each project, good communication with soft skills, analytical skills, and creativeness are necessary to grow your business.

Building your career from ‘How to start’ and ‘where to learn’ is very important. You can be perfect in this technical field by doing physical practice by gathering productive and relevant experience through internships, freelancing, remote and contract-based work.

Lack of Knowledge of gadgets, devices, and the internet is the major reason for low salaries as in today’s scenario everybody eagers to earn. In this field, many digital marketing professionals and experts are there to handle big projects. You need to kick start your career by doing small projects with reasonable project costs where you can see the actual internet penetration of digital marketing. 

Suppose you have a suitable educational qualification, good experience, new skills, and techniques and still get less salary. As you see, digital marketing professional average salary lies in 15-20 thousand per month in entry-level job titles and goes up to 4 Lakhs for head or expertise in a month. In that case, the issue in your careless attitude towards work, as dependence on salary without any profit is a big loop. It depends upon your skillsets, how much experience you have, how much you are willing to learn new, educational qualifications and required extra off-field projects.

If we analyze till 2023, there will be 666 million internet users that are the primary reason why every sector and industry wants to be on the internet because the outrage they received online in the last two years is more profitable and cheap than traditional ways. So it is better to work on your skills first and then penetrate the market.


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