Signs That You Are Underpaid At Your Workplace

are you being underpaid
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Growing up, we have all been asked questions about what we would like to be once we grow up. As innocent, naive humans, we come up with a variety of answers especially when it comes to an underpaid job. Still, little do we know that the actual process of growing up will kill those impractical career choices with the weight of responsibility, monetary aid and unavailability of valid resources. Those dreams of the younger us are now just a little fond memory we go back to when we have little time on our hands once in a while. It does us no good other than the realisation of how expectant we were of the world and its ways. As we grow older, the governing factors of our career choices come into focus, and we tend to turn towards the more practical choices that would help us lead a life of comfort. We all only wish we had jobs that never gave us that work vibe rather felt like a vacation. But that comes with the cost of not earning enough to continue doing the ‘vacation job’. Some people, on the other hand, are fortunate enough to work in jobs that are both entertaining during working hours and financially rewarding at the end of the month. As per sources by Krantz & NASA, Video game designers, for example, can expect to earn $50,000 or more per year immediately out of college, whereas astronauts can expect to earn $65,000 to $100,000 per year across their careers.

are you being underpaid at your workplace?

The younger us are free of stress, and thus we think in all the spheres that we can, grown-ups don’t have that many choices. Piling student loans and exorbitant prices of property means the fantasies of being an impoverished poet starts to drift away and away. And you’ve swept your childhood dreams under the rug before you know it. You’re trapped in a windowless office with a bad boss breathing down your neck. It isn’t all bad, of course. Career passions can drive you to learn and grow as a person, and the extra cash means you can travel and spend on more “practical” things.

We know that whatever career we choose, money is going to be one significant factor that cannot go unnoticed. So we work, perhaps not solely but a lot of times, mostly for money. But are we sure that the jobs that we have taken up are paying us well or they are playing a role as underpaid jobs?

Here are some signs that you should notice if you feel you’re being underpaid as much as the efforts you put in:

  1. When your salary offered is even lesser than the average salary (underpaid) that is offered by any company/firm in that profession.
  2. When your supervisors keep increasing the responsibilities, and you keep getting the pennies on your palms.
  3. When it appears that you are getting fewer benefits as compared to your colleagues.
  4. When you never really voiced or negotiated for a higher salary.
  5. When people who hold designations parallel or similar to yours are getting more significant numbers & you’ve been left as a underpaid employee.
  6. Despite the growth of your company, your salary seems to be stagnant.
  7. Those recently hired are being paid more than you who have invested a greater amount of time and energy into the company.

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