Should Career Objectives Be Included In A CV?

Should Career Objectives Be Included In A CV?
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A CV or curriculum vitae (Latin) means “course of life” and refers to a long academic summary of an individual’s educational qualifications, achievements, and career, which is used in the professional front of work to judge the individual’s skills and capabilities briefly.

If someone out of work knows only three words about their impending job-hunt, I’m willing to bet those three words will be: resumes/CV, interviews, and networking. ~ Richard N. Bolles

A curriculum vitae is a crucial determinant of a person’s career as it is the first impression which businesses and companies get about an individual before hiring them. Many changes have been made with the gradual passage of time in the way curriculum vitae are prepared. These changes have been made to make it as short and impactful as possible.


A known change that has been made is the preference of not including the career objective in the curriculum vitae. There are many underlying reasons why the career objective is no longer an essential part of a CV.

It does not have a point.

A career objective is a short introductory paragraph that lists why an individual wants a specific job and some skills that make him/her suitable for it. Logically speaking, both the company that has been applied to and the individual know very well that they have applied to get a job and move on with their career. The whole point of writing a paragraph to specify the same thing is quite a waste of time.

Space can be utilized for better information.

Many experts suggest that instead of writing the same career objective, one could instead opt for a list of their previous jobs or a brief account of everything they have achieved in the past. This can be more impactful and help in getting a good impression from the hiring committee.

It is pretty outdated.

Most businesses nowadays prefer getting curriculum vitae without career objectives beforehand. The simple reason for this outcome being the outdated nature of career objectives. This section was quite an essential aspect of a curriculum vitae in the past, but now, the situation is quite the opposite.

It only includes your wishes.

If paying attention, one makes out that the career objective merely lists out what an individual wants to achieve by working with the company, including experience, connections, and whatnot. This may sometimes appear quite self-centered, which is not very advantageous because many people are in the race.

To briefly summarize what has been stated so far, career objectives are no longer as valuable and essential in a curriculum vitae as they used to be. However, an individual must be well aware of such developments in the industry and always keep up with the current trends and the nature of the organization of how they want candidates’ curriculum vitae.

So, the next time you apply for a job, remember to keep up with the modern outlook and ditch those outdated ways while creating your curriculum vitae.


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