What Are The Job Websites That I Should NOT Trust?

What Are The Untrusted Job Websites?
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Online jobs have gained quite a momentum in the acceleration of their growth over the last two to three years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved nothing but advantageous in the ongoing process. While the benefits of doing an online job seem to be significant in number, one must also emphasize the negative side of these websites that are actually scams and steal money from a lot of people.

Many people tend to blame everything on the websites, but the blame has to be equally distributed among these websites and the people who get fooled by them due to lack of awareness. If people are well aware of how to avoid them, no such website will be able to actually have a growth in the number of people they fool with time.

There are many different types of untrusted job websites that must be avoided at all costs.

Websites sending job opportunities through emails

Many people have claimed that they received online job offers without sharing their details with any employer, which indicates how untrustworthy those websites are. These websites claim to provide people with online jobs, and many of them, being desperate to work, fall for these traps. One should always be aware of these red flags and take a step back once these are spotted. The most common example of such an untrusted job website is homejobonline.co.in

Pyramid job websites

As the name suggests, these untrusted job websites ask their employees to join two or more people under them and ask them to do the same, thereby forming a pyramid-like scheme. A large number of such scams have been reported worldwide and must be avoided to prevent losing money. These websites demand money in the name of giving course materials and whatnot and just vanish into thin air. For example- eBiz.

Job websites with fake identities

untrusted Job websites with fake identities

Many job websites actually take up the name of reputable businesses and fool people into believing that they are real. While such untrusted job websites have now reduced with cybersecurity, candidates need to always be alarmed about them by paying attention to their contact details and the about us page.

Online data entry websites

While data entry has become a leading choice for people willing to work online because It is easy to learn and does not take a lot of time to be mastered, the number of websites doing fake businesses in the name of data entry is on the rise. These untrusted job websites claim to pay people according to the number of entries, and people are immediately attracted to earning large sums of money within short amounts of time. The most common example is the website with the name onlinedataentryjobs.com.

Fake social media job offers

fake offers

Social media has now become something that is inevitable and is accessible to everyone around the globe. Job scammers have taken it as a weapon to target people desperate for jobs by luring them with attractive job schemes that are nothing but baits to trap them. They create appealing posts and stories for their social media handles that are not of real candidates but are misrepresented as real. They then invest their money in those posts.

Real websites, fake jobs

It is not always necessary that the work websites are actually scams, but their registered businesses can be. While websites like Monster and Indeed try to review businesses well before allowing them on their platform, there is a slight chance of disloyal companies being registered and ribbing people.

Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the interested candidates to be aware of such untrusted job websites and try their best in avoiding them. If they are aware of one such website, they must always leave reviews online so that others can avoid being fooled by them as well.


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