10 Best Platforms For Job Seekers In India

Top 5 Platforms for Job Seekers in India
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India has a population of 1.2 billion people, with nearly 60% of it under thirty. Almost 80% of the population is unemployed, and the figures confirm that employment is difficult to come by, and even if you do get a job, it is unlikely that you will get the job of your choice. However, approaching the situation correctly is essential.

You can find absolutely anything on the internet. You need to clear and settle your thought about which specific field you want to enter with your academic qualifications, abilities, and skills. There are numerous applications on the play store to make this work easier where you see what is going on in the job market. Such portals, websites, and applications will give a better idea about the work structure and hiring procedure and push you on the right path. However, there is an endless option that guides you for productive responses.

So, if you’ve just graduated from college and aren’t sure what you want to do with your life, there are job portals for freshers that are a great place to start with. Given the abundance of websites and applications that appear to be doing the same thing, only a few of them are truly sincere about the jobs they advertise.

But don’t worry, the best job portals in India will no longer be difficult to find, as below is a well-curated list of 5 such platforms that will help you get the right kind of job for you.

1. Naukri.com

Naukri.com, which was founded in 1997, is synonymous with online job portals in India. It has a database of 49.5 million job seekers, which is constantly growing. Naukri.com is among the most reliable job portals in the country, popular with both employers and job seekers.


You can search for jobs using a variety of filters (location, skill, designation, company, and category) as well as advanced search options. They can also help you format your cover letter and resume. Pretty helpful, right? 

Website – Naukri.com

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a USA-based and career-oriented online service that operates to find an easy connection in your area of interest—all you need to be connected with the people in business, and other fields.


Website – LinkedIn

3. Placement India

Placement India, India’s leading placement consultant, is an excellent choice for any job seeker. The portal features job postings from a variety of industries, including IT, Education, Hospitality, Telecom, and Real Estate.


Recruiters can select the best candidate from a larger talent pool for job openings. Furthermore, Placement India has nearly 5 million job seekers registered with them. It offers free job postings as well as free verified access to recruiters for applicants. Doesn’t that make the job-hunting process affordable for all? 

Website – Placement India

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job portal that helps you know about the payment and salary structure of a different organization. You can easily use any two companies’ salary structure. It also allow users to search for jobs as well.


Website – Glassdoor

5. Times Jobs

The website is a division of the Times Group and is quickly becoming one of India’s most popular job boards. It offers excellent opportunities to both job seekers and employers in all fields.


It is well-liked for its user-friendly design and ease of use. This portal’s one-of-a-kind feature is the ability for candidates to post multiple resumes, each tailored to the industries to which they are applying. It makes job hunting even more personalized.

Website – Times Jobs

6. Indeed

Indeed is the most popular job search engine in India. This site maintains and updates new jobs in your area regularly. You can find all types of jobs to further your career and make connections.


Website – Indeed

7. Monster India 

Monster.com, an international job platform, opened a branch in India in 2001 and immediately became popular. It has successfully supplied appropriate employment to individuals who have screened through advanced search tabs such as jobs for women, jobs for unique abilities, jobs by skill, and so on. Monster India has an app for both iOS and Android that makes job searching even easier.


Website – Monster India

8. Freshersworld

Freshersworld is a prominent job search service for recent graduates. Over 60K recruiters use Freshersworld to find candidates.

The site also provides chances for qualified and experienced professionals, but it is most effective if you are a recent graduate looking for work. The website assists you in connecting with the proper individuals via the internet and obtaining a job on demand in the field of your interest.


It has an amazing client roster that includes corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Motorola, and Toshiba. All this makes it a deserving mention in our top 5 job-seeking platforms in India.

Website – Freshersworld

9. Career Builder

Career Builder

Career Builder is an employment website with the largest market share globally, and here you deal with globally certified companies.

Website – Career Builder

10. Shine


Shine is less popular, but the top organization hired from here, especially newcomers. It also provides part-time and internship programs.

Website – Shine

India is a growing country, and there is competition in every field now. So to look best among the rest, start working on your resume and add impressive skills and productive degrees to it.


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