Reasons You Might be Nervous About a New Job

Feeling anxious about a new job is common. Still, we have to overcome our fears & search for better opportunities. Enrol to our Job Ready Certification course.
Reasons You Might be Nervous About a New Job
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There is nothing more normal than feeling nervous while starting a new job. A new job is definitely something to be excited about as it provides an opportunity to learn new things, build your resume, and expand your network. Still, change can be intimidating and feeling anxious about a new job is very common. Sometimes the anxiety is so much that people don’t even apply for jobs as the thought of facing an interview is too terrifying. The very thought of going through the gruelling process of multiple interviews and still being rejected discourages many people from actively applying for jobs. 

Still, you can’t let fear stop you from chasing opportunities. Yes, the process of landing a job can be intimidating and mentally exhausting, but it’s the ones who persevere that finally get good jobs. If you let anxiety rule your life, you will end up unfulfilled, underpaid, unchallenged and unappreciated. 

Here are some reasons you might be scared to find a new job and how to overcome them:

Scared to leave the current employer hanging.

If you are a devoted employee and a good person at heart, the thought of leaving your boss while he might need your help would be too painful. If the boss has been good to you in the past, you also won’t want to disappoint him. Such loyalty is, of course, admirable, but it can also be detrimental to your career. It is essential to keep your best interests at the forefront of your mind. 

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One way to overcome this feeling is to give your best in your present company at all times so that you don’t feel guilty while leaving for better opportunities. 

Your job is your identity.

Many people are paralyzed when it comes to leaving their current job as their self-worth and identity have become tied. The thought of starting a new job can be terrifying as you will be transferring your identity from one place to another. Sometimes, we even have to switch cities, which scares most people off as they will have to start a whole new life in a new place where they won’t know anybody.

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To face this fear, remember that your job does not define you. You are far more than what you do. Even if you have to form a new identity at a new workplace, that is not a reason to stop progressing. Over time you will make friends and start feeling as comfortable at your new job as you did at the old one. 

The worry that you will hate the new job.

It is normal to be afraid of the unknown. You will think that even if you are miserable at your current workplace, at least it’s predictable. You will have gotten used to the flow of your life. A new job would disrupt everything and make you very uncomfortable. 

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But this is a very bad reason for staying at your old job and not looking for new opportunities. For one thing, if you are miserable, you should definitely be looking for a career change. Yes, it will be scary and uncomfortable at first, but soon you will find a passionate job, and it will completely change your life. 

Going for a job hunt is a scary thought. Fear of failure is a real thing that stops people from maximizing their potential. So many talented individuals just settle for mediocre jobs because they can’t handle the stress of competing for the best positions. It is important to overcome such fears and compete at the highest level. Only then will you get the job that you have always dreamed about. 

These were some of the reasons we feel anxious about getting a new job. We hope the suggestions provided help you deal with your anxiety. Which strategy or way did you find the most useful? Let us know by commenting in the section below. And visit our Job Directory group in case you are looking for a new job to take on.


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