How To Choose A Career Path In Computer Science?

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Computer Science has been emerging as a potential domain with a large hub of jobs and career opportunities. A career in this sector has significant and promising prospects ahead in the future. The jobs are in large numbers that keep on increasing with new businesses trying their luck in the spider web of the internet. 

If you are confused about choosing a career path in computer science, here are some professions you could consider –

Network Architect

A network architect works similarly as architects do, the only difference being that they don’t design buildings but computer networks and algorithms. These may be as short and concise as a LAN or as vast as the Internet (like the cloud).

Web Developer

Being a web developer usually requires years of experience to become familiar with designing web algorithms and websites that comply with current trends and security policies to ensure enough traffic that leads to earning major profits.

Security Analyst

With data threats and breaches prevailing a lot since the past few years, being a security analyst is a promising career and involves working to analyze and improve the security services offered by various web services and networks to protect the users’ privacy.

Software Engineer

Being a software engineer involves working to apply the principles of designing to make efficient software for computer devices and working on existing ones to provide updates based on feedback collected from users and beta testing programs.

Data Scientist

Data scientists work by researching and collecting data to study current data patterns and trends. The main objective to study data is to provide businesses with the correct strategies they can use to maintain their data and reach a wider range of audiences.

App Developer

As the name suggests, app developers work on designing algorithms for mobile apps that aim to provide their users with better user interfaces and an easy understanding of their work domain. It is a promising field considering how most websites want to have their own apps nowadays.

System Administrator 

A system administrator is concerned with working and configuring various serves to ensure smooth working and functioning of various computer systems especially in companies where a large number of systems are employed to maintain databases and work on developing new technologies.

computer science

Most of these career paths require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and allied fields while some may require a master’s degree and years of experience. One can also go for training and certificate courses offered by universities and web services like Google to increase their chances of having a successful career in the domain of computer science.


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