How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing? 8 Steps To Follow

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing?
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A career in Digital Marketing is tasked with marketing or advertising goods by utilizing the various digital platforms available. Nowadays, almost every activity takes place online. And presently, with the pandemic still hovering above the entire world, the market entirely shifted to the virtual model for some time. 

If you are thinking of establishing a career in – you have chosen the right professional route! 

According to analysts, with the launch of the Digital India scheme, the country’s GDP will face an expansion that will benefit digital marketers as well. The growth in this sector has been increasing steadily since 2017. A report by Goldman Sachs states that the future scope of the Indian Internet industry is going to be worth US$160 billion by 2025 – greatly from where it is now. 

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing?

So, you have set just the right time to start your career in Digital Marketing! Here are the major steps you should take that will thoroughly assist you in your motive! 

1. Build your foundation – learn the basics! 

It is extremely significant for beginners to learn about and its important factors. If you build a house without a base, it will certainly fall. It has various components that encompass all the fields that will boost your online promotion.

For instance, it has website marketing that helps promote the website on the internet; Email Marketing that includes advertising through emails; Social Media Marketing that wraps all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Ideally, a manager should know about all of these components. 

2. Online presence and keeping up with the latest trends are your weapons! 

Once you have learned this area’s concepts, it is now time to experience some of it– build your website. You can understand the concept, but it is more about the practical approach. It is crucial to retain a social media presence and follow the latest trends. Open your blog and work on the rankings. You can promote a created product or a company’s product. This is a great way to demonstrate your work to your employers or clients so that they can trust you! Your website will help you to gain the essential abilities and confidence. 

3. Become a specialist in Search Engine Optimization. 

Well, to put it simply, Search Engine Optimization makes any website user and search engine friendly. It is important for the feat of any website. Hence, it is crucial to learn about Search Engine Optimization! It will first help you to discover what users are searching for and, at the same time, to develop a website that search engines can easily locate. You will be able to pertain the same concepts to enhance your Google and Facebook Ads. 

4. Acquire a Google Ads Certification. 

A big portion of your job is to promote brands on Google. Currently, Google is the most popular search engine on the web. It is considered the best place for brands to add their products for promotion.

Google Ads Certification is an accreditation that shows your potential employers that you are skilled in this area. 

5. Become an expert in Facebook Advertisement. 

When you get the Google Ads Certificate, the next step is to learn about social media platforms. Social Media Marketing is yet another important factor. Facebook and Instagram are two primary platforms. 

Facebook has emerged to be a great social networking platform. It has also become a vital tool in advertising and promoting companies. You should possess ample knowledge about the advertising method of Facebook. When you learn SEO and Google Ads beforehand, this step won’t be too difficult for you! 

6. Amass a good knowledge of Google Analytics. 

Anything measurable will reveal your improvement or descent. One of the critical components of campaigns is that they are always measurable.

You will observe the number of viewers, how many clicked on the Ads and the modifications showcased by the viewers, among other vital factors. To be competent to make the right decisions by analyzing the data, it is vital to understand google analytics. 

7. Become a Freelancer. 

To gain experience, it was already mentioned in the second point to develop your website through which you will learn the basic methods. 

Nevertheless, working with a client is a different story. You can start by freelancing, so it provides you with both experience and flexibility. At the beginning of your job, pick easy and simple projects to aim for bigger ones! Working with clients will push you to follow the strategy, work on the data and regulate communication with your clients. 

Keep these points in mind – 

  • Read the job description carefully. 
  • Apply promptly because the job will get several applicants, so it is better to have your name at the top.
  • Set a low price. Without experience, it is irrational to keep a high price.
  • Begin with minimal charges. 

Remember that your goal is not to earn but primarily to gain experience that will later help you obtain a good rating. 

8. Keep up with the updates.

Tools keep on changing all the time. You may love the alteration, or you may hate it – either way, you have to keep up with it. 

Facebook keeps changing its algorithm every year, and it is the same with other platforms as well. So, this field is highly kinetic, and you should have a way to be updated daily. Keep learning about industries, new techniques and tools, and the changes made in the advertising platforms.


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