How To Become A Career Counsellor In India?

How To Become A Career Counsellor In India?
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The term career is a huge word for a young professional or a student because having a successful one can make or break their lives. With many institutions only focusing on telling students to cram the theory and practicals without being aware of their career prospects, it becomes necessary for the students to turn to career counsellors.

What is career counselling

A career counsellor is a person whose primary rationale is to help students realize what they are good at and take it up as a career to have jobs in their future that they love for real. Being a career counsellor is not an easy task, considering how vast one has to be in knowledge. To be efficient in their craft, career counsellors need to be well-versed with the conventional and new developments in each domain, which further leads to opportunities.

Why is it a good career option?

How To Become A Career Counsellor In India?

Career counseling has now become a must for students, and most parents are opting for it. To be precise, students cannot even discern which stream they should choose after completing their high school board exams. This is because not all institutions broaden students’ perspectives about the myriad options they can consider after their degree.

Scope of career opportunities.

Therefore, career counsellors are not only limited to working with students who have completed schooling. Instead, they are working at different levels, including high school, Bachelors, Masters and some even help young professionals decide whether they should go for a doctorate or start working instead.

Career counselling courses and exams in India.

To become a career counsellor in India, you need to apply for a career counselling certificate course offered by many institutions in different states. Remote certifications are not as profitable compared to on-site learning because many people have accepted online learning as competent.

How To Become A Career Counsellor In India?

The Bhartiya Counseling Psychology Association conducts an exam every month, known as the certified career analyst exam. An individual must score at least three fourth percentage of marks to be considered qualified. As for the same eligibility, graduates of any domain can apply for appearing in the exam.

Training can be helpful.

Institutions in India recognize the exam and qualifying it will help you increase your chances of getting hired by top companies associated with this business. To be even better at what you do, you can constantly apply for human development and psychology training to help you deal with your student clients even better.

Ways to enhance your skills and experience.

– Subjects that can be constructive.

If you have a degree that includes subjects related to psychology, then your chances of becoming a career counsellor are multiplied. This is so because understanding the psychology of the human mind is the first step in knowing what goes on in it and how to solve confusion when choosing from a list of career options.

– Internships can help you know your work better.

Internships in the psychological domain can also help make your ambitions high and your chances of achieving them even higher. You can look for such internships on various platforms, including Glassdoor, Remoteok, and so on. You can also opt for one-year diplomas provided by highly reputed institutions of India like Delhi University, Aligarh Muslim University, and so on.

So, gear up and start building up your skills to become a career counsellor and help students who are in a dilemma about what they will do in the future as you did at some point in your life.


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