5 Great Sites That Offer Home Based Jobs Or Work

Choosing the right website for work from home based jobs is essential considering the amount of hard work you will put into the job.
5 Great Sites That Offer Home Based Jobs
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Work from home based jobs has become the talk of the town with the unravelling of the coronavirus, especially the second wave. Big companies in various domains are now providing remote jobs while hiring for different vacancies and posts. This makes it quite essential to choose websites wisely, considering the frauds that happen every day in the name of online jobs and opportunities for earning money.

We have brought together some of the best-known websites for online jobs or home based jobs, for your time is essential and needs to be appropriately managed for you to be a resourceful person.

1. Fiverr 


Many people who are constant users of social media must have heard about Fiverr through posts and videos. The online platform has gained quite a massive popularity due to its freelancing opportunities in more than 300 categories. The website creates work portfolios and submits them to businesses of the same domain for varied prices. The payments are usually project-based rather than the number of hours taken to complete them.

2. Chegg India

Chegg India

Chegg was a website mainly based in the US that has now developed its part called Chegg India. The platform is for students who have completed their masters or PhD from recognized universities and offers to teach and answering jobs. For becoming an expert on the website, one has to register and go through a test. Based on the test results, they are hired as there is a vacancy in the number of experts the website is currently hiring.

3. Upwork


It is a freelancing website that has diverse payment methods based on hourly rates and project rates. It provides secure payments and is legitimate. The website has partnerships with brands like Microsoft, Airbnb and so on, which gives a brief idea about its global reach and exciting job opportunities. The website has an easy user interface and an application for users who find it better to work on apps rather than scroll webpages.

4. Internshala


Although the forte of Internshala is mainly internships in various domains, including digital marketing, content writing, teaching, web development, graphic designing, data entry, coding, and so on, the website has a significant amount of those with job offers as well. Apart from these, it also offers training in the exact domains so that interested professionals can grade up their skills for minimum amounts of money. There are additional discounts for students who are pursuing their degree to encourage them more.

5. Freelancer


The website lives up to its name and provides multitudinous job opportunities in various areas, including teaching, content development, proofreading, graphic designing, textiles, nutrition, etc. It offers additional perks like live chats and project progress reports to help various businesses deeply analyze the hired freelancers‘ work. It also has the option of free bids, allowing companies and young professionals to find the right people and work respectively, to fulfil their needs and dreams.

Apart from the sites mentioned above, there are innumerable options you can easily found on the internet. However, the services they offer don’t need to be suitable for you. Many websites these days take money from their users to give them job opportunities that must be avoided at all costs to be a responsible work professional. The ones mentioned in this article provide job opportunities and have free of charge and paid courses and training for those who like keeping their skills up to date and go with the trend.


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