How to Write an Effective Resume?

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Covid-19 has wrecked the economy in the past two years, and finding a job has become even more difficult than before. There are lesser positions available, and the competition is very high. In this post, we will learn how to write an effective resume in 6 easy steps.

In such a situation, writing a professional resume that will get you noticed is more important than ever. A good resume should effectively advertise your achievements, experience and relevant skills. 

Here are some steps that will help you write an effective professional resume:

Select a Suitable Format 

Before you even start writing your resume, you have to select the right format for you. The three basic formats for writing resumes are chronological, functional, and combination. Each format of the resume template has its advantages and disadvantages.

Chronological: A chronological resume is the most widely used format, and all job seekers can use it. It chronologically lists your work history with your most recent employment at the top of the resume. 

Functional: The focus of a functional resume is on your skills rather than the chronology of your work history. This format is often used by people who are trying to change careers or hide a significant gap in their employment. The major feature of this format is that it arranges your experience according to your skills rather than job titles. 

How to Write an Effective Resume?

Combination: A combination resume combines both the elements of functional and chronological resumes. This format is generally used by experienced candidates who have specialized skill sets. A combination resume features both chronological work history as well as a highly detailed section for skills. 

Properly Arrange your Contact Information 

Once you have selected the format which is most suitable for you, you can begin writing your resume. The first detail to be given is your contact information, as your potential employers will need to know your identity and how to contact you. List the following details in the header of your resume:

1. Name: Use the largest font on the page for your name.

2. Mobile Number: Give the mobile number that you use most often. Make sure that it gets good reception.

3. Email address: Give your primary email address. Make sure that it is appropriate and formal. 

4. A link to your online portfolio: Having an online portfolio is a must these days, and it will give your employer easy access to your work.

5. LinkedIn profile: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated.  

Write an Impressive Resume Introduction

A well-written resume introduction should briefly introduce your key qualifications and skills, and it should be impressive enough to convince the employer to continue going through your application. It can also include relevant experience and education. 

Highlight your Work Experience 

List your work experience according to any one of the three resume formats discussed above. While writing about your work experience, you need to mention the following things: the title of your job, name of the company, location of the company and dates of employment. Use bullet points with action verbs while listing your work experience. 

Tailor your Resume According to the Job Description 

An essential strategy while writing your resume is to read the job description carefully you are applying for. Spread the keywords you find in the description all over your resume. This will help catch the eye of potential employers and recruiters going through your resume. 

Write a Proper Education Section 

A well-written education section is especially essential for your resume if you are a recent college graduate or someone with minimal work experience. If that is the case, write a detailed education section that highlights your accomplishments in school and college. On the other hand, someone with years of professional experience should keep their education section short and factual.


This article outlines the most important points that you have to keep in mind while writing your resume. If you follow these suggestions to the letter, you will definitely catch the eye of your potential employer or recruiter. Which strategy are you most likely to focus on while writing your resume? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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