How To Make Money From Home?

With the pandemic dictating and rewriting the professional rules in every business, come along with us to look at ways in which you can make money from home.
Make Money From Home
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The pandemic has single-handedly altered the entire framework of jobs, earning money, corporate systems as well as online businesses. The environment we live in has led us to constantly look for new and improved ways to keep afloat in a largely unforgiving and competition filled world.

There are several websites and articles that have emerged on the internet itself that provides enough information on how you can make money from home’s comfort. A decade ago, making money from home may have sounded like a convoluted and often futile exercise that could have been passed off as a scam, but in the here and now, it has emerged into a way of life for millions across the globe. These netizens have learned to leverage the universality, accessibility and comfort the internet provides in a way they could make money. To achieve this objective, they have identified what field they want to work in and gradually explored its possibilities before getting into it.

Now that we have looked at the possibilities of working and making money from home, the next logical step is finding out what you want. How much money do you want to make? How much time are you willing to invest?

To cover these possibilities and more, we can look at some of the most diverse and effective methods by which you can make money from home.

1. Selling used goods and other items at your residence/work.

Cleaning up your own home and getting rid of unwanted goods can unearth some treasures which you can make a quick buck out of. You could find things that could fetch a decent price in any market as well as other items which you have deemed useless but could be a crucial item to somebody else.

Selling used goods and other items at your residence_work

Virtual marketplaces are very popular now, and sites like eBay have gained immense prominence on the internet as they can effectively move on used goods. You can make use of eBay to quickly sell and learn the value of items you may have forgotten about or have lying around your house. Other sites such as thredUP offer an exclusive platform to sell clothes on, while in the same vein, Decluttr is a website that focuses on technology, games and books.

2. Work as a Virtual Assistant.

As mentioned previously, the continued expansion of the internet and jobs exclusively based on its remote capabilities have opened the doors for a virtual workplace at the comfort of your home. As more and more businesses go online, the demand for Virtual Assistants or VAs have skyrocketed, and this is a demand you can fill with relative ease and no real work experience.

VAs can work for individuals, businesses or teams, and their responsibilities include making and answering phone calls, taking messages scheduling meetings, doing research and running social media accounts.

The only real challenge is finding an employer in the beginning, and you can try to put yourself on the job market through social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook at virtual or other events and word of mouth.

3. Try Freelancing

Another effective way to take advantage of the internet and the veritable job vacuum that has emerged online is being available as a freelancer. Freelancing involves a revenue stream from a series of jobs or projects, its advantage being you can look at other options while doing freelance work.


Online platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork act as online marketplaces which help showcase your expertise and experience to clients who need workers on a particular project or for a short time.

4. Dropshipping

eCommerce sales worldwide reached a staggering 3.7 trillion dollars worldwide in 2019, cementing itself as one of the most lucrative options for any person irrespective of experience and can be practised in the comfort of your home. Dropshipping is considered the future of retail, as it maximises seller profit by not having to invest in inventory, storage or equipment like a traditional business.

 It essentially works by using an online interface, thus cutting back on storage and warehouse costs, only processing an order once the product has been sold to a consumer.

5. Rent out your home.

To close off this list, we can look at an option that is low risk and high reward. Offering a vacation rental of your house to an online business like Airbnb, which has carved a niche in the market, is an effective and relatively stress-free way to earn money.

rent out your home

The home rental market is on the rise, and Airbnb has the majority market share and renting out your home as an Airbnb offers much more than financial security. You could be a part of a booming business and get in on the ground level of what a billion-dollar corporation such as Airbnb offers.

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