How To Crack Company Interviews Even If You Have An Average Percentage (PART-II)

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In the previous article, something we have discussed the challenges you are going to face in the corporate world, being a fresher. Also, we had some suggestions that what might help you in getting your dream job even though you are a fresher. Today’s article is in continuation of the previous one but with some new variations to enlighten you.

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As we were talking about getting an on and off campus jobs are some chaleenges students mostly face. But there is one more challenege that a majorlity of studemts in a class deals with. Yes, it is certain that the counting will be in majority. Becasue we are talking about the students with an average percentage. Have you ever got worried by looking at your marksheets and Resume that I may not crack any interviews? Or have you ever compared your resume with our students and thought less of you. If yes, then this article is really going to help you. So, here are some tips for how an Average Percentage can also get you in the best companies:

Think of yourself as products

When you are sitting in front of a recruiter, you need to think of yourself as the best product in a market. Do not exaggerate but be honest about your best qualities. A recruiter may not be interested in knowing your percentage, but he may take interest if you tell him that you have pursued something other than the college which can be beneficial for the company.

Crack Company Interviews


Tell me something about yourself

Suppose, you are pursuing computer engineering and the recruiter asks you tell me about yourself. You don’t have to tell the recruiter about the basic things mentioned in your resume. Do not repeat what you have already told him through your CV. You are telling him something that he already knows. You need to assert things that are not mentioned in your CV, it’s your chance to indulge him in a conversation, he may get impressed with.

Crack Company Interviews


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Company see you as a Brand

A company is not interested in knowing how good you are personally. They are going to hire you on the basis of their need of you for the company. You need to determine a way of telling them that how you are providing profit to the company.

Crack Company Interviews


At least Be Prepared When The Paper is out

A company doesn’t hire you for some random work. Every company has got a mission and a vision. Identify the purpose of the company and try to present yourself accordingly. You can always google the company, it’s history and everything. Do a little research about the company and then appear for the interview with a strategy.  Understand that culture and you stand a chance to be in that company.

Crack Company Interviews


Try Off-Campus Placements And Interviews

Here are few things you need to learn while going for an off-campus placement. Never make a fake CV. As said earlier, do not exaggerate. Be honest as a person and try to crack the interview with your skills. Modify your cv and objectives according to interviews. Do not bring the same CV to every interview. Do a little research about companies and then edit your CV accordingly.

Crack Company Interviews


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