11 Great Movies And Series Every Design Enthusiast Should Watch

11 Great Movies And Series Every Design Enthusiast Should Watch
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For design enthusiasts, every movie or series is a scope of learning as it gives inspiration and unique ideas in every second. It is important to grasp it all and then mold those ideas into your creativity, as creativity is the necessity of the digital world. Moreover, to build a career, creativity, and talent is the key to acquire success. Learning from books is turning into dullness, and more challenging, plots of various movies and series are another learning platform in the 21st century.

Saturday night is for movies, right? And in how many hours you’ll binge-watch your favorite series? I think we all are aware of the level of excitement and happiness before any binge-watch. The reason can be a story, plot, and favorite actor or actress, but the hidden logic to watch any movie or series is ‘learning and seeing different aspects of life, right? There is no doubt that movies or watching series help us in many ways, like reducing our stress level. Engagement gives different perspectives and creatives. It also helps to learn things interactively and forces us to think out of the box. 

11 Great Movies And Series Every Design Enthusiast Should Watch

Most of us preferred to watch alone as it feels like friends who don’t ask questions. Here we present you with some good picks that will surely inspire you.

Movies –

1. Blade Runner 2049

This movie is for dividend personalities, sometimes referred to as cold or oppressive. This film seems to uphold the negative commentary surrounding Brutalism. This movie is helpful for those who started their career in production designing. This movie can help a visual or web designer for its presentation of 30 years on screen.

2. Black Panther

We are all fans of Black Panther, and this stunning film with a fully realized world of the nation of Wakanda has well earned a place in everyone’s hearts. It is cited as an inspiration for the futuristic current plan of African structure. This movie is helpful for those who started their career in production designing. 

3. Ex Machina

This movie covers the interests of those designers who loved the creation of the ancient period. It is a great film for architects who are interested in new technologies and architecture. The futuristic scenes and the luxurious background of Nathan’s home in the movie create an excellent backdrop for this suspenseful sci-fi film. 

4. Sneakerheadz

Sneakerheadz is a superb primer to a cultural movement, big business, and a very hand-holding documentary go as far as to define words like “colorway” before explaining how Run DMC planted the seeds of Adidas’s business strategy today. Fashion designers or shoe designers can find this documentary instrumental as it explains the logic and reason behind the Adidas brand. 

5. DIOR And I

This film is about dark introspection of global fashion and career formation in the field. This is more about the hurdles and complications before any show or an event. 

6. Black Mirror

This movie is about how social media rules everybody every second and its impact on our behavior. Graphic designers can focus on this movie as it has some great ideas and unique presentation in every second. 

7. Tales By Light

This movie is based on the skills and techniques of photography. The stories behind the photography can be exciting as the captured moments in actual time. This movie is a gift to all photographers who are learning and practicing. 

Series –

8. Grand Design

In this series, a British designer explains the story from the project to its realization by following (over the years!) the construction, budget, and contingencies. It is amazing to know about the stories before building a house with their hands especially.  This series is a wholesome gift for architects and their perspectives from different angles. 

9. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design is a series of 8 episodes dedicated to architects, photographers, designers, graphic designers, and illustratorsThis one series covers every designer’s problems, hurdles, solutions, struggle, and, no doubt, their unique ideas to build a career in their respective field.   

10. Stay Here

Stay Here, hosted by interior designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, helps homeowners earn money by renting their homes to potential vacationers. This series about travelers and architects is the main plot of this series to gather travelers’ perspectives in different world locations. 

11. Tiny House Nation

This series was inspired by the Tiny House Movement that encourages people to live simpler lives in smaller spaces. Every home is systematically and creatively designed that you might consider going tiny yourself.

Watching movies or series may help you get an idea or module, or in the end, efforts will be yours to build your career and future in the right way.


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