10 Ways To Find The Motivation You Need

10 simple and effective ways to find the motivation you are looking for in your daily life to get on with the grind.
10 Ways To Find The Motivation You Need
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Motivation and how to find the motivation as we move forward from one task to the next is a problem that puzzles many a go-getter and any person comfortable in their idleness. All of us have to go through the same process to find the motivation to do things, and often, this is what the journey of life is. Even the best of us has to dig deep sometimes to find the necessary motivation to drive forward.

Our mind is our biggest boon, and yet it is our biggest hindrance when it comes to moving forward and succeeding in life. The proverbial emotional hurdle, writer’s block, lethargy etc., are fascinating and varied constructs of the mind that seems awfully insistent on feeding off of our lethargy and self-hate, content in letting us sink into our very comfortable cocoon of nihilism. It is this feeling of unmotivated lethargy we must fight, and fortunately, the weapons we need to fight are at our own disposal.

10 Ways To Find The Motivation You Need

Let’s attempt to tackle this persistent problem and look at 10 ways to find the motivation you need to go through life.

1. The power of the simple why.

Life comes at you thick and fast with its endless turns of pace, winding roads and ups and downs and when you feel you have lost all motivation to continue something that you started, ask yourself the million-dollar question- why?. If you feel like you want to stop, remember why you started in the first place.

A simple retrospect often holds the key to unlocking a reservoir of motivation and momentum you did not know you had. As you slowly reflect on why you embarked on a challenging course, you will be filled with motivation, which led you to start the journey in the first place.

2. Give the task 5 minutes.

We all know that a constant barrage of work and tasks are hard to manage. This is why you should learn to start slow and work your way up. When you feel like you have lost all will and motivation to push forward and work or learn, try to give 5 minutes to the task at hand.

Almost always, you will end up doing more time than that, and it is an effective way to push yourself to start and a good start means your work is half done.

3. Make a to-do list.

Prioritising and categorizing is a very human invention and having something written down and organised makes you want to follow it all the more. There will be points in your life where you lack the motivation to do anything and in this situation, having a to-do list will work wonders.

Make a to-do list

Getting through the day and feeling encouraged and obtaining a sense of accomplishments as you cross out items is a wonderful way to get through some blues.

4. Do the difficult things first.

Prioritising and listing things you need to do is a great way to start off your day. But the best way to motivate yourself is doing the most difficult exercises first and this automatically preps your brain to relax and be ready for the rest of the day.

Once you have completed the most challenging projects and tasks, you can tackle the rest of the problems with ease.

5. Break your tasks down.

Nobody likes to start the day off thinking about a massive task they have to do. This is why it is important to break a massive or important task down into manageable sections so you can attempt to confront these issues in a stress-free way.

The great painter Van Gogh once said that great things are done by a series of small things brought together, and this makes a lot of sense when it comes to handling tasks and finding the motivation to do them.

6. Try to think positive.

Often, the simplest way to motivate oneself is to see the positives in any situation, no matter what the odds seem like. We are often bogged down by negative thoughts, which add to our lethargy and lack of motivation and by thinking about the positives in any situation. You can use different methods like meditation or other ways in which you can clear your head.

7. Accept and give yourself constructive criticism.

Accept and give yourself constructive criticism

Mistakes are another reason which greatly hinders any progress you have made and what continually hampers you from achieving your potential. You must understand that mistakes are merely a part of learning and every mistake you make will undoubtedly play a part in self-improvement. Learning to accept constructive criticism is the one tip you need to turn mistakes into opportunities.

8. Set attainable goals.

Unrealistic goals can be unhealthy and can amount to increased stress and anxiety. You must motivate yourself by celebrating the small wins.

It is a small matter of keeping your eyes on the stars but feet on the ground as you should reinforce the positive feeling within you by setting these attainable goals.

9. Reflect on your journey.

If you ever feel down and out, something that always helps is reflecting on your journey so far. Reflecting on how far you have come is something that is crucial in appreciating the here and now. This, in turn, will act as the motivation boost you need to turn a new leaf or continue on your journey of progress.

10. Take a break.

In most cases, what materialises as a lack of motivation is the need for repose and relaxation. Taking some time off for yourself can turn out to be very productive in the long term as it helps de-clutter your mind and helps you focus on what lies ahead.

Take a break

These 10 tips are sure to help you find the motivation you need to get through your daily life. Getting overwhelmed is entirely natural and the important way to overcome this is to stay positive and set your sights on your future goals.


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