8 Top Fascinating Career Options for Science Students in 2021

The examination of the three subjects of Science, namely physics, chemistry, and biology, come up with a whole new realm of opportunities diversifying from the inquiry in the world space and nuclear atoms to the study of sand and soil.
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Choosing a career stream is one of the most path-breaking junctures of an individual’s life. It formulates the future protocol of their professional and personal journey and is a stepping stone to the millions of dreams they have thought of. Career options for Science students are fruitful. This post will guide you with the 8 top fascinating career options for science students in 2021.

Science is one of the most beneficial streams when it comes to career decisions, as it proposes many career possibilities such as engineering, medical and research roles.

Whether one is indecisive about their career path or simply want to be a part of the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field, the stream opens all options for them.

But having a lot of options is difficult too, as one keeps on lingering between numerous fields and end up more troubled than they even began with!

So here are the top 8 career choices for Science students to contemplate:

1.    Space Technology

Space Technology is an inquiry about what is beyond the Earth and concerned with the objects entering the Earth from space.

B.Tech in Space Technology is a four-year graduate course comprising eight semesters.

It wraps the subjects of cosmology, astrophysics, stellar Science, Planetary Science, and astronomy.

Space engineering students can get hired in numerous departments like National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) and universities.

The domain in this field is still growing, hence giving rise to opportunities for endless growth.

2.    Data Science and Analytics

Data Science is a multidisciplinary field directed on discovering actionable understandings from a large set of raw and structural data where data analytics focus on refining and conducting statistical analysis of existing datasets.

8 Top Fascinating Career Options for Science Students in 2021

Data Analytics is a fraction of Data Science and is a three years course.

Data Science comprises the study of structured and unstructured data, while business analytics studies highly structured data to carry on crucial transformations in business verdicts.

In the ever-growing traffic of Data Science, the need for employment is very high.

3.    Geology

If Earth, rock, soil, and land is an area of attraction for an individual, then Geology is for them.

Geologists are scientists who are experts in the research of the Earth and soil. These professionals study an area and predict any probable dangers like earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Based on this research, they draw up agendas for builders and construction firms to build structures. 

Geology is a crucial but underrated and unusual field of Science that requires a four-year bachelor’s level in geology along with a master or doctorate for further specialization. 

 The salary offered in this job is not as high as the professions mentioned above. Nevertheless, this is a passion-driven job, and earning does rise as one gains more payments. Initial salary can be in the range of INR 3.5 lakh to 5 lakh per annum

4.    Technical Writer

With content gradually coming to be the king for consumers, technical writing has evolved more than ever. Technical Writers have a specialized understanding of a field and formulate content and editorial pieces around that field. 

The complications to access in this field are generally negligent. One can sign up as a writer for a specialized Science-based journal or create independent content on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Technical Writers are paid for their proficiency on a per word basis. This payment can be anything from INR 5 to 10 per word. For more skilled and proficient writers, this can be even more. 

5.    Software Designing

Identical to the careers mentioned above, Software Designing and Development also comprises progressive knowledge of computer programs and languages. 

A highly creative field, Software Designing can facilitate to let the vision flow freely to develop helpful software for individuals and companies. This career can be pursued by graduates from different fields as well, and a degree in Science is required. 

Software Designing is very susceptible to study and exercise. Nevertheless, for a more considerable and profitable career, one may prefer to do a specialized course in the field. 

Software Designers with an enviable portfolio and good understanding can effortlessly earn a few lakhs a month.

6.    Robotics

Robotics is an interdisciplinary vocation that combines Computer Science and engineering. Robotics comprises the construction, operation, design and use of robots. The objective of robotics is to construct machines that can help and encourage humans.

Robotics formulates machines that can replace humans and imitate human actions. Robotics can be utilized in hazardous environments such as bomb detection and deactivation.

Robotics engineering in India has started to broaden slowly as the popularity and the significance of this course towards the development in the future has been extensively familiarised to the students. The time interval of this course is of 4 years.

7.    Astrophysicist

Astrophysics is a department of space science that refers to the laws of physics and chemistry to demonstrate the origin, life, and death of stars, galaxies, planets, nebulae, and other objects in the galaxy.

Astrophysics encompasses a study of a large spectrum of cosmic bodies. It’s a profitable field that one would outdo only if they have an in-depth involvement in space, celestial bodies, stars, and so on.

In various exchanges, Astrophysicists with knowledge in astronomical instrumentation are hired as valuable assets in the organization.

8.    Forensic Pathologist

A Forensic Pathologist is a specialist who has vast knowledge to infer the reason for death, injury, and wound.

8 Top Fascinating Career Options for Science Students in 2021

They are involved with trials that comprise alleged reasons for death or injury. Forensic Pathologist works in government or private health sectors to perform an autopsy of a person. The sectors or organizations where they can work in hospitals, clinics, medical labs, health care centres, and research centres.


Selecting a career is one of the crucial decisions in your life. So, it’s essential to choose your academic career after class 12th according to your aptitudes, interests, and abilities.

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