Benefits of Studying at the Central Universities

Central Universities are academic institutes of excellence. In this article, we will see the benefits of studying at the Central Universities of India.
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Higher education needs to be completed from quality institutions since it would have a tremendous impact on your career prospects, cultural capital, social esteem, outlook etc. In India, there are state universities as well as Central Universities where you could pursue your higher education. This article will cover 7 Benefits of Studying at the Central Universities in India.

However, Central Universities must be given an added preference with respect to the selection of the institution for your higher education. All the Central Universities need not necessarily be better than state universities, but the majority of them are concerning ranking, academic curriculum, exposure etc. In this article, we will see in detail what are the benefits of studying in Central Universities.

First of all, we will see what Central Universities are and how it differs from ordinary universities. Central Universities are those that are created by an Act of Parliament and are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development’s Department of Higher Education. Because the funding is distributed by the MHRD through the UGC, these universities have been classified as centres (Union Government).

There are 49 Central Universities in India, the oldest of which is Allahabad University, while the youngest is the Mahatma Gandhi Central University in Bihar. However, at least one Central University has been created in each of India’s three states/union territories. Andhra Pradesh and Goa lack Central Universities, the Union Territory of Chandigarh also does not have a Central University.

Now we will see the benefits of studying in a Central University –

Benefits of Studying at the Central Universities

Better Funding.

The central government provides the proper funds to develop infrastructure. Naturally, the condition of research facilities, science labs, hostels and libraries will be better. These facilities attract world-renowned academics and top lecturers, allowing students to study from the finest in their area while also having access to cutting-edge technology.

They are Autonomous

Universities, deemed universities and institutes of national importance, are generally self-governing institutions with the legal authority to establish, produce, and deliver programmes that they believe are relevant and acceptable to national needs.

The universities with which state colleges and other institutes are connected or related are supposed to govern them. Central Universities are autonomous.

A number of professional, regulatory agencies and councils have been formed to assure the appropriate growth of higher education in the Central University in a coordinated way, given the vast reach and variety of institutions and programmes.

Student’s Union.

The student’s unions are often prominent in such Universities. They take an active role in representing and negotiating the student’s needs with the authorities, which helps in the welfare of students in such Universities.

Additional Facilities.

They normally have a better ranking than the state universities. The various reason for this includes increased research exposure, better faculty-student ratio etc. This ranking difference will add weight to your curriculum vitae.

Experienced Teachers.

The sole benefits of Studying at the Central Universities are that teachers of the Central University will be established academics in concerned areas. This experience would let them impart better knowledge making skills to the students. This is of much esteem as far as higher education is concerned.

Low Expense.

High-quality education with decreased expense works as the motto of Central Universities. Students belonging to humble economic backgrounds will be given access to qualitative academic processes. This seems the most important benefits of Studying at the Central Universities. Alongside Central Universities also provide more scholarships for their students.

Better Exposure.

The student community of the Central Universities will be heterogeneous in nature. Students from different areas of India congregate here, and this leads to better collaborative chances for the students.

This much and more is the advantage of studying in a Central University. State universities also provide quality education, and Central Universities provide furthermore, but for some exceptional instances.

We have seen the benefits of studying at the Central Universities, which among the above-mentioned benefits do you think is more pertinent in your case. Comment below.


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