Are you Sabotaging your Career?

It is crucial to look around at your workplace activities because minor mistakes can become a huge risk that might sabotage the whole career.
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Are we all perfect in our work or in behaviour, especially at the office? No right! At times it is essential to notice yourself to be on the safer side rather than just react inappropriately in any situation in the workplace. Have you ever thought ” Are you sabotaging your career?”

Reacting falsely can sabotage your job and career because sometimes your team leader or boss won’t listen to your side of the story. The crucial part is to analyze and recognize your team members’ and coworkers’ working and personal behaviour in all aspects.

It is not essential to involve in every minor or significant situation, but it is equally important to deal in such scenarios.

Your primary focus should be on your work and career, but at times you might get distracted by anything, and in such a situation, you might take such steps that create a fuss for you and your career. 

In this article, you can detect those aspects which can sabotage your career by which you are unaware, and those aspects are –

Lack of time management

This doesn’t simply apply to using your time wisely and with a clear objective at work; however, it conjointly includes be present at the workplace on time. Always appear to conferences and meetings on time and ready, and not creating a habit of leaving early.

Are you Sabotaging your Career?

It’s extraordinarily unprofessional to systematically appear 15 to 20 minutes once everybody else has already been there. You may upset your coworkers and demonstrate that you simply are unreliable and don’t worth some time or theirs.

Refusing to admit your mistakes

Creating an excuse to justify poor performance is dishonest and unskillful. Plus, the likelihood is that your ploy will not stand the take a look at of your time. If you create a blunder, own up to that, then devise a concept for each correcting and avoiding similar incidents within the future.

Staff who settle for responsibility demonstrate skilled maturity and confidence.

Being too modest

While nobody enjoys operating with somebody who has an excessively inflated ego, it’s alright to blow your own trumpet within the workplace once in an exceedingly whereas.

Not receiving the credit you genuinely merit – either through oversight or confusion regarding who indeed performed the work – might not solely be because of hurt feelings; however, it can also hinder your career growth.

Blaming others

No one likes to be thrown beneath the proverbial bus. Own your mistakes, and admit once you’re mistaken. We have a tendency to be good or bad, and individuals perceive and have far more compassion once you admit your mistakes and proper them instead of blaming somebody else.

Lack of follow through and focus

Being dependable is crucial to any career advancement. If you scroll through your phone throughout conferences, multitask to the purpose of distraction, and don’t deliver on deadlines, folks can notice.

Are you Sabotaging your Career?

If you wish for a point-in-time extension and have a legitimate reason for one, speak up as before long as you understand you may want longer. Innovative communication and managing expectations are necessary aspects of being a team player.

Too much cussing

The satisfactoriness of an occasional swear word is determined by your company culture. Excessive cussing in any scenario is taken into account as unprofessional. It conjointly lacks imagination, there are much better and other fascinating words you’ll be able to use.


You need to manage it, not the opposite manner around. Nobody dictates your angle, however, you. Not life, not people, not even the annoying individual that simply scarfs your improvement plan. You revisit what you set to come in life.

Sabotaging your career can be harsh in every aspect, and you might lose your job as well. So it is better to work on yourself and notice your action before taking any major step, especially at the workplace. Comment down those aspects according to you which can sabotage career in current times.


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