R Programming: 8 Brilliant Career Paths & Opportunities

R Programming: 8 Brilliant Career Path Opportunities
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R Programming to be simply described is an open-source programming language traditionally used for statistical computation. Alongside statistical analysis functions, it is also used to support machine learning models and graphical visualisation for data analysis.

Since it is very easy to learn and implement, this language is the most popular analytical tool for research and analysis by statisticians and data scientists. The estimated number of users of R Programming is nearing approximately 2 million. Various companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter as well as many emerging start-ups are currently using R as their tool for data analysis. Here let us see some of the career paths offered by R programming.

Career opportunities of R programming.

R Programming: 8 Brilliant Career Path Opportunities

Since it is a highly in-demand programming language, there are a lot of career opportunities available for R programmers. This includes the roles of Data Analysts, Statisticians, Data Scientists, etc. Entry-level R programmers, as well as experienced R Programmers, are welcomed in the domain of data science. Research-oriented Industries also employ them for data analysis.

R Programming is a recommended choice for professionals who want to upgrade their career in data science also. R programmers are also employed these days in other sectors like Financial sectors, Banks, Health Organisations, Manufacturing companies, Academia, Governmental departments, etc.

Now let us see some important career positions for R programmers

1. Data Scientists

Data scientist is a highly demanding job position. He is expected to do data extraction, the transformation of the extracted data into a structured format, analysis of this and provide future insights. Since R provides efficient data handling, analysis, and machine learning actions, It is the most ideal tool for the above-mentioned purposes. The average income per year of a data scientist is Rs.2800000.

2. Geo Statisticians

They are supposed to examine spatial and spatiotemporal datasets.  These professionals are expected to receive high remuneration.

3. Data Analyst

He should be efficient in finding, retrieving, analysing, and providing insights from data. In-depth knowledge of database systems and machine learning is needed for this job. A data analyst in India on average may receive around 7,20,000 Rupees as salary.

4. Business Analyst

Technical solutions for various business problems is what is sought from a business analyst. R provides different business intelligence tools for Business Analysis. Earning will be around Rs. 6,70,000 per year.

5. Data Architect

Data sources are maintained and integrated by a Data Architect. They must be updated in their knowledge of the latest technologies. He should be aware of Data warehousing solutions, database architecture, ETL, BI tools, data modelling, and system development.

6. Data Visualisation Expert

Visually appealing graphs and plots could be created using packages offered by R like ggplot2, plotly, etc. So Data Visualisation experts in R programming are required in industries. The average annual income will be around 6,50,000 per annum.

7. Quantitative Analyst

They are employed in the financial and banking sectors. These sectors will have to deal with immense data. Financial experts with R programming knowledge are naturally thus in high demand. On average such a professional can earn around Rs. 5,80,000.

8. Database Administrator

They manage and ensure the availability of databases to the concerned users. Back up and recovery mechanism of all data is also ensured by them. Data modeling, design, and data security should also be taken care of by them.

Data is the new oil now. It is growing in such an exponential way. Effective management, analysis and utilisation of which only will help companies to survive evolve and grow. R is the most effective programming language with which this situation can be dealt with. Naturally, people well versed in R will have a further increased chance of being in high demand in the future. Not only those seeking fresh employments but those who already employed in various sectors where data plays a key role should also try to learn R Programming and its updated features.


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