7 Jobs for People Who Love to Draw

Do you have a love for drawing? Were you one of those kids who always excelled at drawing competitions in school? If you are passionate about drawing, there are many careers you can pursue.
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Do you have a love for drawing? Were you one of those kids who always excelled at drawing competitions in school? If you are really passionate about drawing, there are many careers you can pursue by upholding different certifications of skillsets. Let’s check out 7 jobs for people who love to draw in this post.

Often people mistakenly think that there are no job opportunities for someone interested in drawing. Thus, they treat it as a hobby. Becoming an artist is not the only option available for people who love to draw.

7 Jobs for People Who Love to Draw

Though anyone would like to become an artist, it is not a stable job at all. Thankfully, there are jobs related to drawing and art available these days in different industries.

Here are some jobs that you can go for if you love drawing:

1.    Fashion Designer

If you love drawing and have an interest in fashion, this would be the perfect job for you. As a fashion designer, you would illustrate new styles either by hand-drawing or with a CAD program. 

Most high-end fashion designers draw innovative and elaborate designs by hand. As a fashion designer, you would work for an apparel company while gathering inspiration from seasonal trends and runway shows. You will also get to choose the fabrics and colours for your designs. 

7 Jobs for People Who Love to Draw

This is a very competitive field, so if you are want to pursue it, you will have to get a degree in fashion designing from a reputable institute. 

2.    Animator

As an animator, you will be creating moving images for video games, cartoons and animated films. They sometimes start with hand drawings and later use computer software to animate the sketches. 

Animators are responsible for drawing things like the background, foreground, character and objects. Sometimes they are also involved in developing the design concept, creating a storyline and presenting ideas to the production or creative teams. 

This is an excellent job for people who have a creative bent of mind. 

3.    Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create original images for websites, clothing, print media, logos and signs. They should have strong knowledge about the brand they are working for as they will need to come up with images that fit those brands perfectly. 

7 Jobs for People Who Love to Draw

It is a great job for people who like to be creatively challenged. Graphic designers are also very much in demand these days, so you won’t have to worry about being unemployed. You can do a diploma course to learn the required skills, and you will soon get a good stable job.

4.    Art Teacher

If you love drawing and art, you could always become an art teacher. Teaching is a very fulfilling profession, and as an art teacher, you will be able to introduce the magic of art to young inquiring minds. 

To become an art teacher, you should have strong communication skills and a degree in arts. It will be your job to teach students painting, drawing and sculpting.

Even though the school will set the curriculum, you will have the freedom to give students unique projects to challenge their creativity and artistic skills. 

This job is perfect for someone who loves art and has a passion for teaching as well.

5.    Illustrator

An illustrator is responsible for drawing images for advertisements, magazines, books, etc. Illustrators can be employed on a contractual basis, or they can be self-employed freelancers. 

It is a very interesting job as you will get to work in the world of media and draw sketches for advertisements as well as different products. It is an ideal job for an artist who wants to make a living off the drawing. 

You can also be a technical illustrator. A technical illustrator provides visual support to go along with step-by-step directions in instruction manuals. 

6.    Interior Designer

Interior designers are responsible for creating functional and beautiful indoor spaces in homes and businesses. 

They either work on brand new buildings or those which are going through remodelling. They should be able to follow the client’s instructions and come up with the appropriate design. 

In the initial stage, an interior designer makes a sketch or a computer rendering to share with the client. If the client is satisfied, then he can go ahead with the interior design. 

An interior designer should also know the correct furniture and fixtures to be used for different types of designs. To be an interior designer, you should have impeccable taste. 

7.    Tattoo Artist

These days tattoos are becoming quite popular with the younger generation, and so there is a demand for good tattoo artists. A tattoo artist uses needles to draw a design on the skin of the client. 

The clients usually come with a design that they want, and the tattoo artist makes that design on their skin. If the client is unsure of the design, the tattoo artist illustrates different designs for them so that they can make a decision. 

Do you have a love for drawing? Which career would you like to pursue? Let us know by writing in the comment section below. 

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