6 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Many people who love to travel work corporate desk jobs because they don’t realize that there are many viable career options that will allow them to travel all the time.
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Does the idea of working behind a computer trapped in a desk all your life terrify you? Do you have a love for travel that you are unable to indulge in? In this article, we are going to check a list of 6 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel.

A lot of people who love to travel work corporate desk jobs because they don’t realize that there are many viable career options for them out there that will actually allow them to travel all the time.

6 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Sure, you can always go on vacations to travel when you work a regular job. But if you are someone who is obsessed with travelling and exploring the beauty of the world, you should go for one of the jobs:

1.    Pilot or Flight Attendant

The most obvious job for people who love to travel is becoming a pilot or a flight attendant. Sure, the training is really expensive, but once you get the job, you will easily recover the initial investment as the pay is very good.

With a job in the aviation industry, you will be able to travel all over the world, stay in luxurious hotels and have exciting adventures. The only downside of these jobs is that you will have to work many hours, which can be exhausting. 

2.    Sailor

If you love travelling, you can also become a sailor. Sailors get to sail all over the ocean and visit different countries. A single trip can last for months, so this is not a job for people who get homesick easily.

Their pay is quite good too and increases as you get promoted up the ranks. The downside is that the duty can be exhausting, and staying out at sea for long periods of time can be difficult as well. 

If becoming a sailor is not your thing, but you love ships, you can always go for a job in a cruise liner. These cruise ships are always looking for bartenders, waiters, chefs, etc. There are all kinds of job opportunities available.

Your job will be very interesting simply because you will be working on a cruise ship where there will be lots of opportunities to have fun as well. It is also a great place to work if you like meeting people from different backgrounds and learning about different cultures. Your work will feel more like a vacation. 

3.    Travel Photographer 

Becoming a travel photographer is the best job for someone who absolutely loves to travel. If you are someone passionate about photography and travelling, then this job will feel like heaven for you. It will combine both your passions and you will never have to work a day in your life as your job will never feel like work to you. 

However, getting a job as a travel photographer is not easy. You will need to have some experience as a photographer and an impressive portfolio to land a job in this career.

6 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

There are many travel agencies, travel vlogs, and blogs that are always in search of a capable travel photographer. If you are talented and have the right experience, this dream job could be yours. 

4.    Travel Writer 

Do you love to write and have a way with words? And does the idea of travelling for your job thrill you? Then travel writing is the perfect job for you. There are lots of opportunities these days for writers who also love to travel.

With the huge growth of the internet and social media, thousands of blogs and vlogs out there specialize in travelling. They are always on the hunt for writers who have the ability to paint a picture with their words.

And the jobs don’t end there. Magazine and newspapers almost always have a column on travel and lifestyle. If you can describe places beautifully, you will easily get a job as a writer with them. 

If you don’t want to work for someone else, you can always create your blog. You can visit places and start writing about them. There are a lot of platforms where you can publish your photos and writings. These days a lot of travel writers are flocking to social media, and Blogs are still quite popular as well.

5.    Tour Guide

Another obvious option for lovers of travel is becoming a tour guide. As a tour guide, you will get to travel as a job and visit tourist spots every day.

You will get to interact with tourists and help them learn about the cultural heritage of an area. This is a perfect job for someone who is outgoing and likes to socialize. You will need some basic training to get the job, and then you will be all set. 

6.    Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination weddings have become all the rage these days. As a destination wedding photographer, you will get to travel to exotic places on the tab of your company. You will get to travel, stay in a nice hotel and eat delicious wedding food.

The downside is that the job can be exhausting as you will basically be on duty the entire time you are there. However, the perks easily outweigh the disadvantage.

Do you love travelling? Which of the jobs mentioned above would you be most interested in? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.


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