6 Great Freelancing Platforms For Beginners

6 Great Freelancing Platforms For Beginners
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Starring off your journey in search of a job with a Freelancing career is a path lined with risk, yet we see many freshers taking this challenge to build a compelling portfolio to utilize in their career ahead. Freelancing is the best way to stay informed and be productive while not committing to the intensive deadlines and a binding contract that a job may require. Freelancing is the perfect way to start your career as you gain invaluable experience and referrals that will help you on the bumpy road ahead.

Although there are risks to be mitigated as Freelancing does come with its share of challenges, and if you put your trust in the wrong source, it could turn out to be a bitter learning experience. So you must make the right choice that will help you in this career path. Here we take a look at some Freelancing options that are trustworthy, proven, and provide you with a stable platform to help you further your career.

6 Great Freelancing Platforms For Beginners

Things to look for in a freelance website:

When looking at Freelancing options, you must keep some pointers in mind to understand the business and keep an eye on.

  • Most websites take a cut of the income we generate, which is usually stipulated in the agreement. And your longevity in the company makes the rates go down.
  • A vast majority of the websites also ensure a thorough background check and may need you to join their website to get your work.
  • Some websites may also work on a subscription basis, asking you to pay a premium to access the jobs it provides. Here it is up to you to weigh that investment with long-term gain. 

Here are few Freelancing platforms handpicked for beginners –

1. FlexJobs

This website primarily focuses on remote jobs, but they also provide freelancing opportunities, although at a minimum compared to other websites we shall be looking at. Flexjobs offers a wide variety of jobs that include many industries, which gives several career options that you can then choose at your discretion. However, you will be charged a premium, but this is to ensure that the site remains spammer-free. 

2. Groups on Facebook

The one caveat being, you will need to know precisely what you need to find and where to look for it. This may seem like an option from the left field, but Facebook groups offer trusted reviews and peer-reviewed sources for your Freelancing needs. The platform also provides advice from various professionals on different kinds of opportunities, and the best thing about it is that it is free. 

3. 99 Designs 

This website fills a niche in the Freelancing market as it allows designers to partake in freelance work about their expertise. This website will enable clients to view your profile and choose you based on work done and experience. 

4. Behance

Adobe’s portfolio website also provides opportunities for freelancers wanting to work in design and art exclusively. Jobs are often posted by small business owners or large organizations wanting designers or freelancers for one-off projects. This can be the perfect avenue for beginners to put their foot in the door to avail concrete working opportunities in the future. 

5. Upwork

Upwork can be categorized as one of the best options to look into if you want a Freelancing platform due to the sheer magnitude of opportunities opening up that suits any skillset. Even without the paid version, beginners can access up to 80 free connectors that will undoubtedly help you to get your career off to a flyer.

6. Toptal

Toptal offers the very best of Freelancing opportunities, and they stand out purely for their exclusivity. It is considered a platform to find the top 3 percent of freelancers. Thus they have a rigorous screening process in place. But if you can manage to get through, it truly puts you on the watch list of some of the best in the business.


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