5 Best Features of Learning Organisation

Learning Organisations are companies that seek to improve the efficiency of their employees to achieve true potential. Here we will see its 5 features.
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The world is rapidly evolving, and the competition is ultra-stark between companies and organisations. Upgrading human resource skills naturally becomes imperative for companies and organisations to survive. In this post, we will cover the 5 best features of learning organisation.

5 Best Features of Learning Organisation

Here arises the importance of Learning Organisations. Learning Organisations by encouraging free thinking and team learning helps the employees to maximise their potential, and this maximisation naturally translates to the benefit of the employee and his firm. Now, first, understand what a learning organisation is?

What is a Learning Organisation?

A Learning Organisation is a company that encourages the learning of its employees and evolves itself on a regular basis. It was Peter Senge who introduced this concept. Through his book The Fifth Discipline, Senge popularised the concept of a Learning Organisation. He outlined five characteristics of a Learning Organisation in the book.

Now we will see these 5 best features of Learning Organisation –

Non-Hierarchical Organisational Structure

The learning environment should be supportive. Doing away with hierarchy could help in this. The reluctance to pitch in new ideas, a habit of seeking permission and the fear of making mistakes promulgated by the hierarchies could dampen the learning process of the organisation and its upgrading.

In contrast to typical organisations, a Learning Organisation emphasises collaboration and open communication. They naturally adopt a more non-hierarchical organisational structure to foster interdependence. Meetings will be cross-functional. This develops transparency, autonomy and confidence in the system. 

Innovative Problem-Solving Approach

Organisations will only be able to survive in the future if they innovate and evolve. A learning company not only fosters creativity and empowers people but also inspires you to think outside the box.

From top executives to interns, everyone thinks at the same level and is free to contribute their own solutions to challenges. A Learning Organisation should question assumptions and normal practices in order to learn, innovate, and transform.

5 Best Features of Learning Organisation

Active brainstorming sessions, encouragement of Distract-free deep work. Promotion of blogs and training materials, developing a culture of empathy are some of the methods through which active innovation can be facilitated.

Collaborative Learning Environment 

A Learning Organisation, on the whole, focuses on sharing information in a collaborative setting. Individuals think in groups to combine their various abilities and knowledge. Such a diversity of viewpoints and ideas can strengthen the learning process.

Furthermore, this collaborative knowledge-sharing structure fosters employee trust and confidence, allowing them to contribute freely.

Open-for-all meetings and discussions can cultivate greater collaboration, knowledge sharing strategies in the day-to-day work culture, use of creative collaboration tools like Miro and encouragement of cross-functional communication.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

A forward-thinking leadership is the fourth feature of a Learning Organisation. Enthusiasm and commitment begin at the top. Managers, supervisors, and trainers must all be dedicated to the working process and have a “shared vision.”

Leaders must question assumptions, inspire self-reflection, and lead by being examples. Trainees should be allowed to learn from their mistakes in order to gain practical experience. Then they should talk about other techniques, so they don’t make the same mistakes again.

Such leadership would develop personal relationships with everyone and channelise consistent communication with them, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Mutually Shared Vision

A Learning Organisation has a shared vision and a common identity. It must reflect the company’s culture and serve as a guiding concept for the entire workforce. The major difference between a regular company’s vision and that of a Learning Organisation is that the Learning Organisation’s vision is an evolving one. As the company expands, a Learning Organisation works toward and improves on its vision.

Learning Organisation shifts the power encrusted in an organisation to be born by every employee. This adds to their responsibility, and they will be able to achieve their full potential to help the organisation. Thus the efficiency of the organisation reaches its epitome. In this article, we have seen various features of a Learning Organisation. Which of them do you think is/are more relevant? Let us know by commenting below.


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